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MHP EVELYN DUAL DRIVE  NEW! The MHP EVELYN is a bit of a departure from your typical overdrive (and beyond!). It is a design that is free of clipping diodes, and thus makes for quite an interesting twist away from such pedals - there's no shortage of attitude and character that many drives of late seem to steer clear of. At the core of the MHP EVELYN circuit structure are fragments of Craig Anderton's Tube Sound Fuzz, which you might know of better in it's cloned incarnations as the Red Llama or Mule. But the MHP EVELYN is dramatically different in that it covers an entire range of tones and textures that are impossible to achieve with those TSF clones, because they are nothing more than clones! 

The MHP EVELYN is a complete overhaul of the TSF circuit to eliminate the TSF's inflexibility, and deliver everything from treble boost at light drive settings, serve up an ample amount of punch and grit at higher drive settings, even bordering on some vibey old school hints of fuzz. And that doesn't even cover all of the possibilies in between! We did this by rebuilding the circuit of the MHP EVELYN with DUAL DRIVE controls. They allow for the utmost flexibility in EQ, timbre, and gain combinations that are possibly endless. Drive 1 is very bright and crisp, with plenty of gain. 

And yes, it has some teeth to it, as well! Drive 2 is soft and subtle, with ample bass, and just enough gain to keep the bass from getting flubby or mushy. The two Drive controls are independently configured to tailor the EQ, dynamics, texture, and gain levels for your specific tastes, as well as your guitar and amplifier. And unlike many OD pedals, the MHP EVELYN sounds fantastic into a dirty amp - it simply adds to the vibe to take it to another level. As if this weren't enough, try pushing it with the overdrive or boost of your preference - you'll get a whole other range of tones and grind that you probably never thought existed. There are a really cool bunch of old school tones in the MHP EVELYN as well, and if punk is your thing, you will most likely dig it as well! Just two drive knobs (well, and a level control) right at your fingertips are all you need. Metallic blue powdercoat finish. $155.00 with FREE (domestic) shipping!



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Who And What We Are  MHP is Keith Aviles. But the old saying that no man is an island is truly appropriate, as the "MHP Unofficial Roster" is so responsible in many ways for helping to ensure that the pedals and mods really perform, that you receive them quickly, and that there is no need to outsource (even locally), to ensure that Keith's ideas, vision, personal building style, and picky quality control process are never compromised. For this reason, the plural references in regards to MHP will stay as they are. Everything is done in house and entirely by hand, including drilling and powdercoating enclosures, 100% hand wiring, design and implementation of enclosure graphics, and even etching of the circuit boards.

Why Choose A Pedal From MHP?  That is the big question, and can really only be answered by the individual guitarist. The needs of any two are rarely the same. And no amount of mass advertising and self touted credentials will ever truly communicate that, either. So we are counting on the "MHP Recipe" to make true believers out of you, if we have to do it one email at a time, one phone conversation at a time, one sale at a time. This recipe combines a knowledge of technology, design, production, creativity, research, and a true desire to communicate with you. There's a touch of bravado as well, as Keith is not one to simply replicate classic designs. Some unusual techniques are used to reach goals as well, along with a 21st century mindset.

...But what is obviously important is how MHP pedals sound and perform. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised. Very surprised. This is backed up by the "one week deal" with standard MHP hand built pedals.

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