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Heptode / Heavy Tone / 2014 / Effect For Sale

The HEAVY TONE from HEPTODE, inspired by the famous Soldano SLO-100* Overdrive channel, has this typical High Gain sound that was found in the 80’s tube  preamps.


Based on an innovative fully analog technology, The HEAVY TONE simulates the warm sound of tubes and preserves their dynamic characteristics.

"I first started using the Heptode Heavy Tone high gain preamp pedal in my home studio for a quick and easy distortion sound on some arranging demos I was doing for my new CD. But I got so attached to its direct sound with the cabinet simulator that I brought it into the big studio and used it with a few of my mic-ed amps.

It's fast becoming one of my most useful pedals at home and in the studio."


Carl Verheyen

Los Angeles first-call session guitarist

Member of Supertramp


The HEAVY TONE can be used:

As a preamp, plugged in the “power amp” or “FX return” input of an amplifier.

As a classic pedal, plugged in the guitar input of an amplifier.

Plugged in a mixer or a sound card input.

The CabSim switch activates the Cabinet Simulator, which is often used when the pedal is connected to a mixer or a computer.

The footswitch activates the effect (LED is on). When the effect is not activated, the input signal is directly forwarded to the output connector Out (True Bypass).


Controls: Preamp gain (GAIN), Output level (LEVEL), Tone (BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE)



Heptode, France  

Contact name:
Jean-Luc Chtioui
English, French
handmade effects and pedals
Opening hours:

HEPTODE is a french company established in 2010 by Jean-Luc Chtioui.


For further information, please contact Jean-Luc at

  Send message to: Heptode, France
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