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SynapticGroove / Snapperhead / 2013 / Hand Finished/painted With A Relic'd Look / Effect For Sale

The first offering from SynapticGroove is a mindblower! Handmade with the finest parts available, the Snapperhead is an overdrive/distortion pedal unlike anything you’ve ever played. Ranging from Eric Clapton blues breakup to Randy Rhoads soloing screams, the Snapperhead is the pedal you’ve been waiting for! The circuit took a considerable amount of time to engineer and refine until we achieved…well, greatness. Perfect for single coils & humbuckers and complimentary to both tube & solid state amps, your tone will not be colored, lost in mud, or eerily reminiscent of the many TS-9′s flooding the airwaves. In a word, if you’ve played every overdrive/distortion available and aren’t satisfied, this is the pedal for you! Btw, we left the Tone control off because the tone is in your fingers!

Currently on tour with: Peter Stroud, Alice In Chains, Nick Perri, Richard Fortus, Robin Finck, Walking Papers


We are interested in growing our internatonal dealer network.  Please see Dealers Collective.

SynapticGroove, USA  

Contact name:
Benjamin Harrison
analog effects pedals
Opening hours:
All the time! :)

 Live your imagination, not someone else’s.

SynapticGroove is culled from 30+ years combined experience in the music industry, and well over that in life.  Our goal is to enable great art.  Period.  Great artists need a multitude of characteristics: determination, vision, talent, heart.  Likewise, all artists need tools to help express their vision.  We make these tools and use these tools.  We hope that all of you get many years of creative service out of them and pass them on to the next generation.  Remember, the only true competitor you have, is with yourself.

We are SynapticGroove, a company founded on the ideal that art is what makes life meaningful.  A great visionary once steered his company through the intersection of where art and technology meet, changing millions of lives, for the better, in the process.  We aim to do just that.  When someone hears sound in color or tastes ideas, it is often referred to as synesthesia.  By engaging all of the senses, we lead a fulfilled and satisfactory existence.  Music is the only art form that transcends time & space, religion, ethnicity and cultural boundaries.  There is nothing else in the world that stirs our emotions and memories like music.  It is amazing.  We want to be a small part of that magic and mojo that is musical creation.


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