Fender Custom Shop / Telecaster / 1995 / Sparkling Gold Finish / Guitar For Sale

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster 60' NOS in a cool Gold Sparkling finish. It is a rare finde to see a 25 year old Custom Shop Tele in a mint condition you could call "like brand new" but so it is whith this great sounding Telecaster.

Lite Ash body and a beautiful birdseye mable neck in a very soft V shape that makes this Tele a fast playing guitar. Almost no freat wear and the neck and fingerboard is total clean as the rest of the guitar. Nor even beltmatks on the back or pick-scratches on the front....

The brigde pickup is a Custom Shop 60' that has the crispy and warm country tone and has good punch and power. Great Rock'n Roll sound when you add your driver. We had the original neck pickup replased with one of them handwound Lindy Fralin Vintage 50' thad adds a more bright tone to the sound and a great balance on the middel pos.

Comes with certificate and hardcase. 

Ventura Guitars, Denmark  

Contact name:
Rasmus Engeborg
Danish & English
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