Fender / Stratocaster / 1964 / Inca Silver Metallic / Guitar

Early '64 super rare original custom color "Inca Silver Metallic" in Near Mint condition.

Body top clear coat a little bit turned to "Green" but only a few small paint tipping at body edge in more than 9.0/10 condition.

Spaghrtti logo and three black bobbin pickups...parfect '63 spec.

100% original (Never touched any solider joints) and crack fee original "Mint-Green" pickguard.

The guitar came from owner KEY's parsonal collection, highrt recommend for collector's.

We already set up more details and photos on our websight, please check out!!


We are vintage Fender Stratocaster specialized shop in Tokyo, Japan.

We are seeking vintage Fender Stratocaster, vintage Stratocaster parts, case and accessories.  If you want to sale your collection, please feel free contact us any time.

Instrument sold

H.I. Guitars, Inc., Japan  

Contact name:
Key Iwai
English, Japanese
Vintage Fender Stratocaster and Vinate Strat parts
Opening hours:
Wedensday to Friday 15:00 to 19:30, Saturday & Sunday 13:00 to 19:30, Moday & Tuesday Close

H.I.Guitars, Inc. is the only one specialized shop that only handles Vintage Fender Stratocasters in the world.

The owner, Key, is crazy about the Vintage Fender Stratocaster. Key has a principle that his shop handles the items which are carefully screened by Key based on his knowledge and various data gathered through his thirty-year experiences with the Vintage Fender Stratocasters. And also, all arrived items are thoroughtly examined, are set up, and adjusted by full-time repair staff before displayed at the shop. Because of this, H.I.Guitars, Inc. has been recieving high reputation from the customers all over the world since opening of the shop in 2002.


For more than thirty years, Key, himself has been playing the vintage Stratocaster. He has been mainly collecting the original Custom Color Stratocasters witch are built in the pre-CBS period. Key has two faces as the player and also as the collector, so our inventories are varied from reasonable Vintage Stratocaster wich is suitable for enjoying play to the rare items witch would be envy of the Vintage Stratocaster collectors.


There are over three hundreds selections with were made in the year of 1954 through 1981. So we are proud to say that you will find the Vintage Stratocaster that you have been looking for.


Also, at our show room 'Strato-Crazy', in Tokyo, you will be able to check the all Vintage Stratocasters which display on our websight. And it is possible that you will be able to play the Stratocaster at our soundproof playing room that is fully equipped with vintage amplifires (e.g.,Fender and Marshall), before choosing the best one for you.


Moreover, we have a plentiful inventory od an original vintage parts and/or cases of the Vintage Fender Stratocaster which are made in the year of 1954 through 1981, so we are happy to support your Vintage Stratocaster Life.


If you are wish to sell and/or to trade-in the Vintage Stratocaster witch you own, or if you wish to sell all kinds of Vintage Stratocaster parts and/or cases, we are always welcome.

If you have full original Custom Color Vintage Fender Stratocaster, The Mint condition items, and/or the Rare spec item witch hit the 'collector's heart' of Key, we promise you the high-price assessment.


We can communicate in English and would do business with all the places in the world, so please feel free to contact us by e-mail and/or by the phone. And also, if you have any chances come to Japan, please visit our showroom, 'Strato-Crazy' in Tokyo. All our staff are looking forward to hear from you and seeing you.


                          Hiroki KEY Iwai, the owner of H.I.Guitars,Inc.

  Send message to: H.I. Guitars, Inc., Japan
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