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If you like your guitars with a big neck and a big tone then this is one for you. Killer sounding Gibson Custom Shop double cutaway Les Paul TV reissue from 2019. This actual guitar was Gibson’s 2019 NAMM Show guitar and is also the guitar that was photographed for the current Gibson website catelogue.


First introduced in 1954 as Gibson’s entry level solid body, the Les Paul Junior and TV Model have become favourites amongst players of all levels and are preferred by many players over their higher spec’d bigger siblings. The stripped back, no frills simplicity of these guitars belies the range of sounds that can be coaxed from the simple one pick up, volume and tone set up.


In 1958 the Junior and TV Model were given an overhaul and the body shape changed from the original single cutaway to the double cutaway shape of this reissue. The specs changed slightly over the following two years with the necks getting progressively slimmer. This reissue is based on the original 1958 double cutaway spec featuring a chunky ’58 neck profile along with a solid one-piece mahogany body and neck, hide glue construction and vintage wiring.


The lack of a neck pick up contributes greatly to the big sound of these guitars, as the lack of magnetic pull from the neck pick up along with the neck tenon joint allows the strings to sustain longer, and the resonance from the neck to be transferred to the body more effectively than on a guitar with a neck pick up.


Unplugged this guitar has loads of natural sustain and volume as to be expected. Plug it in and you are immediately hit by the sheer weight of the tone. This guitar sounds huge with the volume control wide open. Roll the volume back and it cleans up and thins out nicely for Tele like tones. But these guitars really shine when pushed and let loose and this one doesn’t disappoint. The combination of the single P-90 on a solid mahogany slab body is like nothing else. Les Paul Specials on the bridge pick-up are in the same ballpark but Juniors/TV Models give you that extra bit when you need that push over the edge.


The overall condition is near mint. There is a small chip on the lacquer on the very top edge on the back of the headstock and there are two small areas of discolouration on the bottom edges of the headstock where the guitar has been hanging on a wall stand, as well as some slight discolouration around the serial number – see pictures.


This guitar was the actual guitar displayed on the Gibson stand at NAMM 2019 and was also photographed for Gibson’s current website catalogue, so there is a bit of an interesting back story there.


Comes with the original brown Lifton reissue case, the COA and all of the case candy.


Weight: 6lb 15.5oz
Pick up reading: 7.95k


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