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Gibson / ES-330 / 1967 / Sparkling Burgundy Metallic / Guitar For Sale

Possibly one of the cleanest Sparkling Burgundy 330’s out there. Largely unfaded and in near mint condition. A stunning example.


The Gibson ES-330 and it’s near identical sister the Epiphone Casino have come to define the sound of a certain period in rock n roll history. Both models were used extensively during the British Invasion of the mid 60’s and acts including The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks and The Pretty Things, to name a few, have made use of the sonic hallmark of either a Gibson ES-330 or an Epiphone Casino. Both models were made side-by-side on the Gibson production line at the Kalamazoo factory with the only differences between the two being the shape of the headstock, the fretboard inlays and the pickguard.


In more recent years the ES-330 and the Epiphone Casino have won over a new generation of devotees in search of the distinctive tone of these models. The Revolver period Beatles sound most famously represents the sonic imprint of these two models. If you’re looking for a vintage ES-330 or a Casino then you probably know this already.


This example dates from 1967 and is finished in the relatively rare Sparkling Burgundy Metallic custom colour. The overall condition is exceptional and can comfortably be described as near mint. In fact aside from some very light lacquer checking and a couple of very light surface scratches on the back (which are virtually impossible to photograph) it is spotless. The colour is largely unfaded and retains its original shade throughout except on the upper edge of the headstock, upper edge of the body, a small area on the back of the neck and a small area on the top where it has just started to fade and a little bit of gold is peeking through. Finding a Sparkling Burgundy finish that is still this strong and hasn’t faded to the more commonly seen bronze/gold shade is quite rare.


All the electrics are original with undisturbed solder joints throughout and the original frets are virtually new. The neck profile is a nice comfortable medium C profile fairly typical of guitars produced by Gibson during this period and very close to the revered ’64 profile. The 41mm nut width (while 2mm narrower than pre ’65 Gibson’s) doesn’t in any way feel tight and the playability of this guitar is superb.


The pair of P-90’s have all of the juicy tone you’d expect of these superb pick-ups, and when combined with the natural volume and resonance of the hollow body deliver a big sound that has warmth, bite and clarity in equal measure. This guitar would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s studio arsenal.


The original tuners have at some point been replaced with correct aged repros – probably Gotohs. These are direct replacements and there has been no additional widening of the tuner holes, so we would guess that the originals likely malfunctioned and were replaced with these repros. One of the control knobs is also a repro and the pickguard is missing – blame John Lennon for that trend! Other than that the guitar is completely original and in stunning condition.


Comes with a Gator hard shell case.


Weight: 6lb 2oz
Pick up readings: Neck 7.95k , Bridge 8.2k


**Please ask about shipping outside the UK**

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