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Welcome to JTKM STUDIO.

1952!  Where it all starts of the iconic Gibson Les Paul.

Here we have a stunning, first year of production, 1952 Gibson Les Paul Gold Pop complete with its original Lifton case.  Once again we shall let the photos do the talking, this one is breath-taking.  And almost as always with JTKM STUDIO this one is in collector condition.  Read on!

Here we have a 1952 no serial number Gibson Les Paul, most likely one of the first with binding which is a bonus in our book!  Full 1952 features, including the square channel rout for the ground wire, original centralab 500k pots and original P90 pickups which just sound incredible.

Don’t let the wrap around tailpiece put you off, this one plays great all over the neck and sounds incredible.  We strongly disagree with the online nonsense that these are ‘unplayable.’  Come and prove it to yourself, you’re more than welcome!

This one is all original but it does seem that the ground wire has been updated, it was mostly likely needed.  Original frets which are in great condition, clean fingerboard, original nut and of course original and beautiful Lifton case.  Let us not part without mentioning the spectacular gold top finish, complemented with a stunning mahogany back, sides and one-piece solid mahogany neck!  Just look at it!  This is a real piece of vintage guitar history in collector condition.

There you have it!  Contact us on or call 07943 633860.

We offer a 24 approval period on all of our guitars.

We ship worldwide with UPS.

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JTKM STUDIO was born in 2006 under humble but motivated conditions as an ebay selling account.  With over 15 years of buying, selling and collecting vintage guitars and amplifiers we are now ready to officially open our doors.  Welcome to JTKM STUDIO. 

What drives us is to present pristine condition vintage guitars and amplifiers.  We have a keen eye on the future and search for collectible guitars of tomorrow.  We want our stock to be a combination of functional art and a guaranteed investment.




All of our pieces are expertly inspected to the highest order and we are proud to put our name against the examples we sell.  

We ship worlwide using UPS and offer a 24 hour approval period with all of our guitars. 

We are not responsible for any damage or loss due to transit.  This includes minor chips or imperfections that may occur in transit.  That said, we expertly package items and have never had any damage due to transit.

  Send message to: JTKM STUDIO, UK
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