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Gibson Les Paul Burstdriver Custom Shop `58 VOS 2017

Rare and awesome `58 VOS W/extra spice

Custom shop built-in analog overdrive with lead/tone/gain -trimmer potentiometers -tone pot push-pull activated

OHSC and paperwork


Manufacturer: Gibson
Model year: 2017
Body material: Mahogany
Neck material: Mahogany
Fretboard material: Rosewood
Frets, life left: 99%, original frets
Pickups: Original. Custombucker
Made in: USA
Case/gigbag: Alkuperäinen kova laukku, COA ja laput
Weight: 4,068 kg

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Kitarakuu Oy, Finland  

Contact name:
Seppo Kaskenmäki
Mastery Bridge, Klein Pickups, Tonerider pickups, Original Bigsby Tremolos, Mad Professor, Godlyke
Finnish and English
Vintage guitars, amps, effects, parts...etc...
Opening hours:
Most of the time...Please, call!

Well USED and 2ndhand guitars, amps and stuff + service/repair

Mastery Bridge, Klein Pickups, Tonerider Pickups, Original Bigsby Tremolos,Mad Professor Amplification, Mad Professor pedals

Please email or call regarding ordering. International Money Order, PayPal.


  Send message to: Kitarakuu Oy, Finland
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