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Ibanez / UE400 / 1980 / Effect For Sale

Ibanez UE405 Multieffects Compressor/Limiter+Stereo Chorus+Parametric Equalizer+Analog Delay

Ibanez UE405 Multi Effects, Analog Delay, Parametric Equalizer, Stereo Chorus, Compressor/Limiter, and Send & Return to external processors, excellent working order.

These are sought-after units, comprising classic analogue Maxon/Ibanez Compressor/Limiter, Stereo Chorus, Parametric Equalizer and Analog Delay units which can be combined in any order by selecting the relevant number on the Insta-Patch dial on each effect panel. The individual effects can then be turned on or off using the funky Ibanez floorboard which uses similar footswitches to the old 808 Tube Screamer pedals.There is also an additional effects send/return for patching in your other pedals.It's been serviced and calibrated and sounds great. The individual pedals that make up this unit are increasingly hard to track down and expensive, so this unit is a great studio resource or solution for the gigging musician who wants that authentic analogue sound on a budget.  This is a brilliant way of adding analogue magic to digital and soft synths and sampled instruments. The unit is a EU model and accepts 220-240v

Hendrix Guitars, Italy  

Contact name:
Fender, Gibson, Marshall etc.
Italian and a little bit of english
Vintage & Rare instruments
Opening hours:
2.30 PM - 7.30 PM


Hendrix Vintage is the first Vintage store in Italy from 1978. All info in site:


All shipping handled by UPS for fast and reliable delivery.

Options: Italian Mail delivery less expensive with Quick Pack Europe or EMS. All with tracking Number.

The payment is through money bank transfer (or MoneyGram or Wester Union or Transferwise
very easy directly from your credit card or your bank account see the web) Sorry no credit card or Paypal.



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