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Jackson Ampworks / Atlantic 3.0 / 2011 / Black / Cream / Silver / Amp

The Atlantic 3.0 is our tribute to one of the greatest amp designers of all time; Ken Fischer of Trainwreck Circuits and his legendary Trainwreck Express. Not a clone by any stretch of the imagination, the Atlantic 3.0 is our take on how a high gain, non-master volume amp should be done and incorporates features never before seen in an amp of this class!

The Atlantic like the Trainwreck series of amps is built for the serious player who wants to cover a gig with nothing but a guitar, a cord and an amp! Every shade of overdrive you could ever want is available from the Atlantic 3.0 with nothing more than a twist of your guitars volume control! With the players volume control lowered, the Atlantic 3.0 delivers the chimiest most harmonically rich clean tones you have ever heard and when raised, the amp seamlessly transitions to over the top screaming overdrive all with nothing more than a twist of the guitars volume control!

The Atlantic 3.0 builds on this platform of performance by adding new features that expand the tonal palette of the player and allow the amp to be used in a host of new musical styles!

The Atlantic 3.0 is the only amp anywhere that offers switchable power output of either 12W Class A using (2) 6V6’s, 25W Class A using (2) EL34’s or 50W Class A/B using (2) EL34’s! This adjustable power feature allows the player to tailor the amps response to any given musical setting.

In high volume situations, select the 50W mode for maximum volume and clean headroom. When less volume is desired, select the 25W or 12W mode and enjoy the early breakup and harmonic richness that only comes from low power Class A operation.

12W Class A – (2) 6V6 – When in 12W Class A 6V6 mode, the Atlantic 3.0 is cathode biased and features a proprietary circuit that exactly reproduces the natural compression and sustain of a tube rectifier but has the reliability of a solid state rectifier. These features along with the classic 6V6 tone give the 12W mode its own unique voice and a softer, more spongy attack.

25W Class A – (2) EL34 – Like the 12W mode, the 25W Class A EL34 mode is cathode biased and uses the same simulated tube rectifier circuit to emulate the tonal effects of a tube rectifier. The tone of this mode is tighter with a more English style breakup than the 12W mode.

50W Class A/B – (2) EL34 – In 50W Class A/B EL34 mode, the Atlantic 3.0 switches to high voltage operation and is now fixed biased. The combination of high voltage and fixed bias allows the Atlantic 3.0 to have a very quick and aggressive attack with increased headroom and volume.

Each of the three power modes have been developed to add versatility and character to the tone while giving the player the ability to carry one small amp that will work in any musical setting.

Given it’s power and performance, the Atlantic 3.0 is really one of the most powerful and versatile amps ever made!


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