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Mahogani wood, Ebony fretboard,  Hartung wraparound tailpiece Dead End Pickups Schaller Mechanics PEC Military Potentiometers Leather Knobs you see....something special. Premiere at Frankfurter Musikmesse April 10 to 13 2013. Hall 4.0 - Booth K30  

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Leather Guitars, Germany  

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Georg Beis
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About Georg Beïs

As a 16 year old I got my first electrig guitar and from that moment on I have never really put it aside. During the following years I made both live and studio experiences. This gave me the chance to sharpen my mind about what were going to be the ingredients for a perfect guitar.

Every instrument I owned in the past was a special treasure with its own story and memories.

Apart from my musical experience, I was working several years in the automotive branche. I used to handle high-value interior products including leather, carbon, wood and metals for the most exclusive cars.

So one day in 2009 I came up with the idea to try another way and bring two of my competences together as one - this was the moment when Leather Guitars were born.

From the very beginning I set the target on the highest level with the mission to build exceptional and professional instruments that are made with passion, are unique in handling, feeling and sound, in order to meet my customers' personal requirements and dreams.

Only first class materials and components are used and every guitar is 100% Handmade in Germany.

In summer 2011, the collection was expanded with the very unique "Strap Number One", followed by "Bag Number One" in the same year with its outstanding shape and functionality.

Spring 2012 I came out with another little product. Maybe the smallest I will ever build :) - the first leather wrapped knobs on the market. A perfect replacement part not only for guitars and basses but also for amps pedals and wherever you can fix it.

Late summer 2012 will see the release of a brand new Leather Guitars model with an outstanding new and unique shape. Stay tuned for more.

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