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Matamp / Mini Rock / Amp

  • Starts dirty and gets filthy
  • Class A single 6V6 output stage
  • Four triodes set-up to achieve optimum distortion
  • Footswitchable boost

Descended from the Little Rock via the special edition GT4, the Mini-Rock is the amp to choose if you love overdrive. It doesnt really do clean; it starts dirty and gets filthy. Again its a class A single 6V6 output stage, but this time with all four triodes set-up to achieve optimum distortion. The voice switch found on bigger Matamps appears to keep the Mini-Rocks surprising low end under control. This combined with a footswitchable boost, gives a massive range of overdrives, that can be further tweaked with the two band EQ.

Blues crunch through to full on Sabbath tones can be coaxed out of this little monster. Once again no one sound small amp here. If youd like a bit more filth in your life, get a Mini-Rock.

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Matamp, UK  

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Hayden Minett
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Each amplifier is hand built using high quality components mounted on precision-machined turrets and complemented with transformers made to our own design specification.

The Matamp story goes all the way back to the early days of Rock'n'Roll. In the 1950s, the engineers at Radio Craft (as the company was then known) began repairing, modifying and improving various amplifiers, at customers' request. In 1964 they decided to design and build their own amplifiers, and so the Matamp Series 2000 was born. By the late 1960s the growing reputation of Matamp amplifiers led to a collaboration with Orange Music in London. Orange Matamp amplifiers and mixers proved to be both popular and robust. Some of them are still in use forty years later! In the mid 1970s, Orange and Matamp parted company as they wanted to develop in different directions. Matamp concentrated on the booming disco market, developing the ground breaking Supernova mixer and the Quasar series power amplifiers (used by BBC Radio 1 Roadshow among others). Guitar amplifiers took a back seat for a while, with the last new guitar amplifier model being the now highly sought after V14 of which only 41 were produced.

Matamp continues its long tradition of hand crafting amplifiers just a few miles from where it all started in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The business is built on over sixty years of heritage and innovation within the field of audio engineering and on a reputation for the highest build quality and careful attention to detail. We are still pioneering new industry trends with our standard range of amplifiers, complemented by our ever-popular customising service.

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