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Matamp / Series 3000 / Amp For Sale


Descended from the Series 2000 and Orange Matamp ORST, the Series 3000 is full of Matamp tonal DNA. Big open cleans, classic EL34 crunch and dynamic pick response that has to be played to believe.

The Series 3000 is a direct descendant of the amp that started it all for Matamp, the Series 2000, made famous by Peter Green among many. The Series 3000 has a warm and dynamically responsive tone that sounds great on its own or with pedals. Peter Green asked Mat for an amp that sounded like honey – here it is.

The preamp is the same as a Series 2000 apart from a drive pot in place of the switch. The output stage combines aspects of the Orange Matamp ORST and Series 2000. It features a pair of cathode bias EL34s fed by a 5U4GB rectifier valve to give 30w of clean power and dynamic compression that responds incredibly well to your pick attack.

The tone is pure vintage Matamp from the Cooper-Mathias era of Orange-Matamp, but without the expense of owning an original. If you’re lucky enough to own an original you can now retire your prized vintage amp and achieve all of the British blues tones you love, if you’ve never experienced true vintage Matamp tone what are you waiting for?

Updated with a stainless steel chassis, the one weak point on the original, this is an amp that won’t let you down and you won’t want to part with.

Available in the modern style Picture Frame (pictured) or the Traditional SL head sleeve.

30 day build time required.


Weight: 22 kg

Dimensions: 56.5 x 27.5 x 31.5 cm

Channels: 1

Panel Controls: Voice, Drive, Bass, Treble, Boost, Volume

Auto Biasing: Yes

Preamp Valves: 3 x JJ ECC83

Effects Loop: Passive series FX loop

Handwired: Yes

Ohms Output: 4, 8 & 16

Output Valves: 2 x JJ EL34

Power (W): 30w RMS clean power

Transformer: Proprietary UK made

Turret Board: Yes

Footswitch Controls: N/A

Cathode Biasing: Yes

Fixed Bias: No

Rectification: 5U4GB




Matamp, UK  

Contact name:
Hayden Minett
Opening hours:

Each amplifier is hand built using high quality components mounted on precision-machined turrets and complemented with transformers made to our own design specification.

The Matamp story goes all the way back to the early days of Rock'n'Roll. In the 1950s, the engineers at Radio Craft (as the company was then known) began repairing, modifying and improving various amplifiers, at customers' request. In 1964 they decided to design and build their own amplifiers, and so the Matamp Series 2000 was born. By the late 1960s the growing reputation of Matamp amplifiers led to a collaboration with Orange Music in London. Orange Matamp amplifiers and mixers proved to be both popular and robust. Some of them are still in use forty years later! In the mid 1970s, Orange and Matamp parted company as they wanted to develop in different directions. Matamp concentrated on the booming disco market, developing the ground breaking Supernova mixer and the Quasar series power amplifiers (used by BBC Radio 1 Roadshow among others). Guitar amplifiers took a back seat for a while, with the last new guitar amplifier model being the now highly sought after V14 of which only 41 were produced.

Matamp continues its long tradition of hand crafting amplifiers just a few miles from where it all started in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The business is built on over sixty years of heritage and innovation within the field of audio engineering and on a reputation for the highest build quality and careful attention to detail. We are still pioneering new industry trends with our standard range of amplifiers, complemented by our ever-popular customising service.

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