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60's MEAZZI JUPITER ACOUSTIC Made in Italy, one of the rarest|! excellent conditions, all working, nice fast neck with good frets, loq action ready to play code VA939

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From MEAZZI Catalog 1965

Our designers not only apply the results of their long and brilliant studies in the production of Holliwood Meazzi instruments, but also make use of the advice, fruit of practical experience, of the best orchestral players with whom they are in continuous contact, giving the Holliwood Meazzi production a clear mark of superiority and exceptional fame. This is why Meazzi took the place of preference from the elite of the Professionals. VIBROLUX VIBRATOR with exceptional sensitivity and absolute constancy of intonation both in waning and in ascending because it works without springs and therefore without friction Adjustable  HOLLIWOOD STOPPER controlled by a light and comfortable lever to easily obtain the muffled notes. COMFORT BRIDGE exclusive model of Holliwood by Meazzi, very fine, with mobile sectors, with the possibility of independent adjustment for each individual rope. TWO GENERAL TONE COMMANDS one for the Treble and one for the Bass corresponding to the two Pickups  TWO INDEPENDENT VOLUME COMMANDS one with a semicircular slider to make the choice of the desired volume quick and easy, the other normal for the immediate transition (not subject to the general volume) from the "soloist" to the "Accompaniment" by means of the silent halving lever. SOLID BODY layered NECK adjustable with truss rod Perfect FINGERBOARD, very fast, medium width 22 frets
The meticulous workmanship gives the keyboard a perfection that can only be found in real lutherie guitars. Perfect key spacings are controlled to the hundredth of a millimeter
To allow a low action of the strings and easy use of the fretboard, our technicians have studied a fretboard with a slight curvature and with performing frets. distance of the nut from the bridge (backing) 625mm MECHANICS mod. Luxury Original stylized anatomical shape Weight lower than all similar models on the market to the advantage for those who use many hours a day. Like all Holliwood Meazzi models, the JUPITER guitar is also patented, conceived with absolutely new devices and accessories and is destined to conquer all professionals who love this instrument.The most patented tool - most complete - simpler to use HOLLYWOOD guitar by Meazzi in three versions: NORMAL 6 strings TENOR (BASS) 6 strings tuned one octave lower (without string tow) DOUBLE BASS (without string tow) After years of studies and experiments, our technicians assisted by the most famous professional musicians, have managed to create an instrument that has exceeded all expectations. The electronic and mechanical parts consist of unpublished and exceptional equipment, all patented, of which we summarize some details: TWO PICKUPS of exceptional performance, each equipped with six magnets, which allow you to balance the intensity of the sound on each individual string, dosing it in perfect magnitude. With our patented mixing system you can get more variety of effects with two pickups than with guitars with multiple pickups Built-in transistor-operated PREAMPLIFIER, in addition to increasing the power of the sound by ten times, allows maximum performance and accentuation of high and low tones as never before had been obtained in other electric guitars. Power supply with interchangeable 9 Volts battery placed under the plate bearing the brand. ELECTRONIC SYSTEM with automatic switch that cuts off the sound when the guitar is placed in the rest position. DEVICE for micrometric mixing with semicircular slider, it simplifies the controls allowing a cross-fade and therefore the complete mixing of the two microphones in an infinity of modern sounds and effects by simply moving the semicircular "cursor" placed in the lower part of the guitar. This "tone changer" replaces and downgrades the usual keyboard buttons or sets of knobs. Only with the Holliwood Meazzi are all noisy shots eliminated and therefore radio and record recordings are obtained absolutely free of background noise.

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