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The Pro 35t is the semi-hollow body edition of the Pro series of Michael Lewis Guitars.  Like all MLG's, the Pro 35 is an electric guitar featuring the ability to dial in any combination of single coil, humbucker, partial humbucker and acoustic pickup settings.  The unique interior design of the guitar gives it a resonant signature that makes it sound much larger and more dramatic than other guitars of similar design.  This guitar is an outstanding choice for anyone who has to cover a wide range of styles with one guitar -- it's perfect for that corporate gig that starts with a jazz set and ends up having to do rock-n-roll into the wee hours of the night.

Michael Lewis Guitars are made in the USA, in Nashville, TN but I the same luthier who built the George Gruhn line of guitars.  They are professionally pleked by top tech Joe Glaser and designed by guitarist Michael Lewis who was a Nashville session player for 12 years and remains in demand as a session musician for producers worldwide. Michael conducts the final inspectiion and set-up on these instruments and when he's done setting it up, it plays as smooth as glass.  These are some of the finest boutique guitars available.  Attention to detail at every step, high quality woods and design features that make them one of a kind.  They are wired and set-up by a very highly credentialed guitar tech who has teched for dozens of major name guitarists. The Pro 35 lists for $9995K.  The guitar shown is serial number #02 -- it's the second MLG ever made and the first Pro 35 ever made so it is a collector's item.  As of right now there is only one other Pro 35 in existence -- the white solid top that you see in some of Michael's videos.  You can also order a new one in your choice of color.

Play this guitar and you will want to take it home -- while it has a great jazz tone, it is extremely versatile and will cover a huge range of genres.  You can get Strat tones, Les Paul tones, 335 tones, Tele tones and really nice acoustic tones from this one guitar (see the video).  There is a separate output for the acoustic/piezo pickup and an individual volume control.  Please note: onboard blending of the electric  and acoustic pickups (mentioned in the video) is not currently available though there are many devices that will allow you to blend the signal externally.

This is a great opportunity to own an incredible, master built, collector quality guitar.  For more information contact us directly or, visit us online at: www.MichaelLewisGuitars.com

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