Musima / 6 Strings / 1960 / Sunburst Flame Maple / Stringed Instrument For Sale

1960 MUSIMA BANJO 6 Strings, Comfortable neck, good playability,Flamed Maple Body and Neck with Rosewood insert and fingerboard,  code AC512

The body has a standard size and you feel comfortable with this instrument.Perfect Condition

The list of German guitars covers mainly DDR production. Western Germany represented only by a couple of instruments that are definitely cheesy.
DDR-made guitars were among the best of all "Eastern block" guitars - the communist rule could not easily make German people lazy and ignorant, so the quality of the instruments remained relatively high. Musimas were usualy priced twice higher than other Soviet/Czechoslovakian/Bulgarian instruments on the market behind the Iron Curtain. Musima guitars and basses were the instruments of choise of many professional musicians in the Eastern Europe. Although considered a "hi-end" in the "communist" region, Musimas' quality was still far from a real hi-end and even "second-grade" instruments made by Hagstrom and other neighbors.
Brands like Meinel und Herold and Migma were a part of the same Musima corporation, and you can notice that certain hardware parts look the same on all of those instruments.
Unlike other "communist" brands, Musima still exists but they currently make acoustic instruments only (acoustic guitars were the largest part in o

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Hendrix Vintage is the first Vintage Collector in Italy with the best Vintage instruments Guitars Bass Amplifiers Effects carefully inspected to guarantee originality and high quality since 1978. All info in site:

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 All shipping handled by GLS or Poste Italiane (Europe) or EMS (World) for fast and reliable delivery with tracking. Options: UPS (more expansive) The payment is through money bank transfer (or MoneyGram or Wester Union or Transferwise very easy directly from your credit card or your bank account see the web) Sorry no credit card or Paypal direct. Particular care and attention to create an anti-breakage packaging.



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