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ORGANIC Sounds pursuing "Real Vintage Sound"!

Poseidon has finally arrived again! !

This is not just a clean booster!
A booster that makes you feel "the sound improved" very naturally!
There is no excessive seasoning, it will change the sound to a very "nature", but still "certain"!
The feeling that the firmness and gloss are added naturally is very comfortable, and it becomes bright, so the attack and speed when picking increased.
The tracking to the volume is very good, and you can enjoy the 'feeling that is snuggling up to the amplifier!
In addition, there is also a vintage -like nuance like Organic Sounds, which gives the guitarist's heart!

You can boost the second stage, earn gain comfortably in the first stage, use it as a treble booster, adjust the tone according to the setting with the amplifier, and use it as a preamplifier.
It's not just a clean booster, but you will definitely be active in all situations on sound makeup!

It is completely different if there is no. It is a pedal that can not be removed once you put it at your feet!

[From the manufacturer site]
Organic Sounds original Booster. Instead of excessive coloring, focus on the sound to increase the resolution and speed. Bring out only the goodness of the equipment and boost the guitarist's heart. With a natural sound with a Vintage nuance, it has a rich sound variation with a good tracking to the volume of the guitar.

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