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The new «Les Petites Naives» is the number 4 out of finally 9 guitars.
All those guitars are «Art brut» inspired and will be very different.

The new LPN no 4 is made out of an extremely hard to find, totally black African ebony and then carved by Swiss artist Gian Häne (more info about Gian below), with lines that are often found on African masks. To support that feeling of an old mask we also scratched the ebony very roughly.

The top is made out of the highest-class Swiss alpine moon spruce, the neck is African Padauk.

Inside its very modern built, with carbon rods for stabilization and some more tricks. It is just unbelievable how such a small guitar can produce such a huge sound.

To make the whole package perfect, the guitar is sold together with a carved picture PIZ BERNINA from Gian Häne made especially for that project.

Gian Häne is a Swiss artist who is very well known for his carved objects and pictures. His work is displayed in many galleries and you find them in homes of celebrities like Joe Biden, John Kerry, Roger Federer and many more.


Guitar: «Les petites Naives » no 4 (limited series of nine totally different, art brut inspired parlor sized instruments) 
Played by: Francis Coletta
Filmed by: Matthias Moser
Recorded with 1 Neumann mic TLM193 straight into computer, just added a little room.

Copyright: Pagelli Gitarrenbau 2018

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Pagelli Gitarrenbau , Switzerland  

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Claudio and Claudia
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«Pagelli Guitars» is the family business of Claudio and Claudia Pagelli. For the most part, Claudia is responsible for the designs that Claudio then works to bring to life in the playable and incredible sounding instruments they produce. The Pagellis build about 10 instruments a year and never shy away from a challenge. The majority of the instruments are special orders from discriminating customers with whom the Pagellis work together to create very personal instruments that represent the individual's musical and aesthetic visions. Claudio Pagelli himself worked as a professional guitarist, producer and recording engineer, and the instruments have not only received attention because of their looks!

It is impossible to say a fixed price,
because most of our instruments are custombuild.
It varies strongly - regarding to the special wishes of the customer.
Please dont hesistate to contact us.

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