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Pagelli Guitars / Spatial Radiation Parlor / 2020 / Different Finish/colour Possible / Guitar For Sale

Focused and projection... these are two descriptions that you hear very often in connection with guitars.


In our opinion, however, especially with PARLOR guitars, these terms need to be rethought. We believe that «projection» in particular comes from a time when you had to fill halls with the acoustic sound and therefore built very loud guitars. Today, however, there are so many good amplifying options available that this no longer has to be a goal. We know that most guitarists play their high-quality guitars at home and the volume is not the most important thing, but a sound that lets you dive into it and brings a smile on your face…like a great wine. ;-)


PARLOR's are often called «couch» guitars, because they are small and handy and therefore optimal to have them «comfortable around you» the addition, in this ambience, the very moments happen when the inspiration meets you or you lose yourself in playing.

And that's exactly where we started and now take a completely different approach than is usually the case in guitar making.

We call it SPATIAL RADIATION GUITAR. The guitar does not radiate forward like a trumpet, but encloses one, one floats in a sound cloud. We achieve this by a completely new internal structure, the free-swinging top up to the neck attachment and the 2 sound holes on the upper side, for each ear one.

Inside I have omitted the large upper brace, which ensures the statics, and this is now directed to the sides via carbon bars. We call this construction principle «Turner compression absorber», as reverence to Rick Turner, who built this into his instruments many years ago. The principle has been around for a long time, for example on Banjos, but in elegance, we found Rick's solution the most beautiful. Through that, and by moving the sound holes to the edge of the top, we now have a top that can swing in its full length and not just to 2/3 as usual. This leads - long speech in a short sense - to an outrageous sound. Incredibly large and warm for an instrument with these small dimensions.


We built various prototypes and finally chose the one to our new regular model, which pursues our new approach most consistently.

You may have noticed that the fretboard is already finished on the body, as with the very first guitars from the Stradivari period. This on the one hand to take full advantage of the top as mentioned before, but also as a foretaste of the beginnings of guitar construction. This, combined with the most modern approach such as the carbon static solution, the new bracing layout and the sound holes at the top edges, should be like a foray through the history of guitar making, from the beginnings to the modern age and beyond...

By attaching the fretboard to the body, the neck angle has to be built steeper and the bridge higher, which leads to more torsion and thus to a faster response and more pressure, which means nothing more than that it sounds better. We deliberately kept the sound holes functional ... «form follows function» in its purest form. Everything else seemed artificial or too wanted. You should and can see from the guitar that a new path is being broken.

We beat us with big words... but after 40 years of guitar making, you know when something extraordinary has been created... this PARLOR is it!


The PARLOR is included in our regular program in this construction, of course always with the possibility to make individual adjustments, such as neck profile, wood selection, color, etc.

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Pagelli Gitarrenbau , Switzerland  

Contact name:
Claudio and Claudia
Finest handmade guitars by Claudio und Claudia Pagelli - Swiss predicion since 1979.
German, English, Italian
Hand-Built Guitars - own Models and Custom Work, LBL Member
Opening hours:
By appointment.

«Pagelli Guitars» is the family business of Claudio and Claudia Pagelli. For the most part, Claudia is responsible for the designs that Claudio then works to bring to life in the playable and incredible sounding instruments they produce. The Pagellis build about 10 instruments a year and never shy away from a challenge. The majority of the instruments are special orders from discriminating customers with whom the Pagellis work together to create very personal instruments that represent the individual's musical and aesthetic visions. Claudio Pagelli himself worked as a professional guitarist, producer and recording engineer, and the instruments have not only received attention because of their looks!

It is impossible to say a fixed price,
because most of our instruments are custombuild.
It varies strongly - regarding to the special wishes of the customer.
Please dont hesistate to contact us.

  Send message to: Pagelli Gitarrenbau , Switzerland
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