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Pete Cornish / P-1 Battery Free Fuzz / Distortion / 2016 / Effect

Pete Cornish P-1 Battery Free Fuzz / Distortion

The Pete Cornish P-1™ is the Worlds first DOUBLE ISOLATED fuzz or distortion pedal. It is highly recommended for a fat, high gain, searing lead sound and is perfect for solos and heavy rock rhythm work. This pedal is used prominently by David Gilmour in the All Tube Effects Stage System custom designed and built by us.

The input to this unique device is our universally acclaimed High Impedance, Unity Gain, Class A, Buffer Preamp with it's superior RFI rejecting capability (to eliminate Radio Station interference) and Low Impedance Audio output, allowing the use of extended cable runs from the P-1™ in bypass mode. The fixed High Impedance load presented to the Guitar allows the pickups to operate at their optimum, even when several effects units are connected in series after the P-1™.

The second Unity Gain, Class A, Buffer isolates the Fuzz or overdrive section from the clean bypass section and prevents "Ghost Distortion" being audible in Bypass Mode. This effect unit gets the most benefit from being fed into a clean, full frequency response amplifier and I recommend that when you receive your pedal you connect it up without anything else in line, just Guitar/Pedal/Amp, and discover the way the controls interact, both with themselves and the guitar/amp controls. Then adding the rest of your effects, you may find that you need to make slight adjustments to these to compliment the constant signal level provided by the P-1™.

The tone facility on the P-1™ has been designed to provide Treble Boost when set Clockwise and Bass Boost when set Counter Clockwise. Settings in-between CW and CCW will provide varying amounts of high and low frequency boosting: experiment to find your optimum setting.


•  High Impedance RFI rejecting input buffer.
•  Each unit is hand built, wired and tested by Pete, Lynda and Mingus Cornish.
•  Housed in a Rugged Die-cast box.
•  Heavy Duty all-metal footswitch with Hi-Brite LEDs.
•  Dimensions: 145 X 95 X 49 mm
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