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Artist Series Atomic

• Mahogany/Flame Maple body
• Mahogany/Rosewood neck
• TV Jone Powertron Plus bridge
• Tone Pros vintage wrap bridge

Red Rocket Guitars, USA  

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Matt Nowicki
Red Rocket Guitars
Handmade Guitars
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Red Rocket makes totally custom guitars, one at a time, to your exact specs with the best materials and components. Private Reserve level woods, vintage tone caps and custom wound pickups, custom binding and purflings are just the start. They mix vintage vibe with the best contemporary guitar building techniques to create modern classics with roots in the golden age of guitars.Red Rocket Guitars are individually spec’ed and made to order. We will make you the guitar you want, with the look, feel and sound you have been looking for, using the best available materials and parts from the USA. It begins with hand-picked lumber, each board approved by you, your choice of custom made purflings and binding, the best pickups, custom wound to your specs, custom finishes and colors, and your perfect neck. These guitars are made and finished by a person, not mass machine-molded, so every fret is dressed and polished to a mirror shine and the neck feels smooth and fast and is made to be played.

Matt Nowicki – Luthier
I’m the one who chooses the lumber, wires the parts, does the cutting, sanding, painting, polishing and I’ve got the splinters to prove it. Many years ago I got a degree in sculpture and, after a few fantastically lucrative years (insert sarcasm…), ended up in London ad agencies as the guy who could draw and knew how to use the brand new (at the time) Macs. I worked as a creative and photographer in ad and design agencies, honing a sense of balance and proportion and how to add that funky, eye-catching little detail. I was eventually drawn back to working with my hands on real objects for real people and guitars became the perfect canvas.
“Guitars are intensely personal and have so much incredible history behind them. And let’s face it, they’re just plain fun. I love thinking up new combinations of colors, wood, and sound and seeing the instrument emerge at the end into something that has a life of its own.”

Since every guitar is made to order, we don’t have a standard pricelist, but they are around $2950, almost never above $4500 depending on what you want. This includes a quality gig bag, add $165 for a custom G&G leather trim hard case with a leather handle and custom fitted insert for your guitar.

Send me an 
email with what you want in your dream guitar, and we’ll talk and figure out how to do it. I’ll send you a quote and spec sheet that’s good for 30 days, when you send a deposit I’ll get started. The current ETA is 5-8 months, but can be a little more or less depending on what you want and availability of materials. 



  Send message to: Red Rocket Guitars, USA
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