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RoShi Pedals / SMUG FACE Ge (NEW) / 2023 / Effect For Sale

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Product Details

[Reverified! ! Please forgive if it is out of stock because it is very small. ]

This is a long -awaited germanium transistor version, a model of this brand made based on the 1960s fuzz face!

Consists of carefully selected combinations while trying several vintage transistors. In addition to Volumes and Gain controls, the shave (Shave) control is very unique, making it possible to adjust the bass of fuzz sound. Open to the left, equivalent to the original fuzz face. Turn right to reduce the bass and lower the gain. This is very useful because there are symptoms such as saturation and incompatibility with the guitar (hambucker, etc.) used in the original fuzz face, and the sound does not come off unless the guitar is squeezed when the pedal is turned on. To do. In addition, cutting the bass when setting a wow in front of this unit will make the wow effect much better. It can be said that it is a fuzz pedal that is suitable for actual battles, as well as sound and usability! Germanium has a lively realistic flavor, and gain is a full and powerful sound, but if you set it one step forward, it will be a moderate fuzz sound, which is unbearable! !

~ Hereafter, from the manufacturer site ~

Taking advantage of the warmth and softness of Germatransista, the Germa Paz Face sound imagined by ROSHI PEDALS has been reproduced. A carefully selected and adopted domestic germanium transistor reacts to linear to the volume and tone of the guitar. A number of transistors have adopted two types of transistors. Many domestic germanium transistors have obedient sound quality, and one type lacks stickiness and grassy treble. The sound that ROSHI PEDALS aimed at by multiplying two types of transistors with different features.
The variation in sound is inevitable when using germanium transistors. This Smug Face GE also has individual differences in sound. There is a change in the height of the gain and the guitar volume when the volume of the guitar is squeezed. However, at the stage of assembled, one sound check is performed and adjusted. There is no so -called outburst, such as being interrupted by a bump and no sustain. Each is finished with a wonderful sound.

You can control a crunch sound that can be bitten from a grassy clean sound, which can be said to be the charm of a fuzz face. By adopting a Shave knob, it covers the overdrive sound. The Shave knob can be shaved at the input stage and the sound can be adjusted while leaving a biting high notes. It is a pedal that you want to get to those who like domestic germa -fuzz faces, as well as those who are looking for controllable overdrive pedals that make use of the texture of germanium transistors.

・ Made in Japan Vintage Germanium transistor
・ The resistance is made of carbon concrete. The manufacturer is different. Since the measured resistance and sound are selected, there will be differences depending on the individual.
・ True Bypass (Switch: Alpha)
・ DC JACK Center Plus (This is attached to use a battery using a battery snap from the outside. We do not take measures against noise or protection circuits.)
・ Jack: Cliff (made in the UK)
・ SOLDER: Ersin Multicore (made in the UK)

We pay close attention to the production, but may have dirt, scratches and printing. Please note that almost all work is done by hand.
The signs and designs of boxes and body may be changed without notice.

About power supply
If you point to the jack to in, the power will be turned on. We recommend using batteries as much as possible. It is attached to use an external battery snap (sold separately). Although it can be used in power supply, it does not provide any circuit such as noise measures or protective circuits from power supply. When using DC Jack, use the electrode before use. It is a failure due to this mistake, but we will receive repair as long as there are parts. However, since the substrate will be replaced, we will claim the entire cost.
* GE is the center plus

Made in Japan (Okinawa)

Age: 2022

Accessories: Box, instruction manual (warranty card)

In charge: Sano (Sano)

* The warranty period is one month from the date of purchase.

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Please note that all items are for sale in our Tokyo store.
There is a chance they might be sold out. All items are shipped tracked and insured. All import duties or customs fees are the buyers responsibility - please be aware of the requirements for your country. If you have any questions please ask.

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