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Incas '59 Natural


Body: Sipo-mahogany
Neck: Sipo-mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Scale length: 25,5"
Tuners: Gotoh
Bridge: Göldo diamond

The Incas 59 is a hybrid model between the Incas and the beloved "Paula" of 1959. Its mahogany body and neck, both cut from the same trunk, an ebony fingerboard and its one-piece bridge deliver this guitar with an incredibly powerful sound and nearly endless sustain. Just add a violin-shaped top and a subtle binding around the body and fingerboard and you'll have a perfect '59-feeling!

For a new Incas '59 - built from scratch, according to your personal custom specs - just call or write an e-mail!

Schloff features on this instrument:

Schloff pickups - each Incas guitar is fitted with Schloff pickups - wound especially for the specific guitar, matching the woods used. This leaves no space for any sound compromise!

One-piece neck and headstock construction - no angled cutting and re-bonding here! Schloff necks are made from one piece of wood to reach the best neck stability.

Reversed two-way truss rod accessible at the lower part of the fretboard – easier to reach and spares the neck from even more screws in the neck/headstock area. This definitely supports the sound of all Schloff guitars!


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On these pages, you may find detailed information about our instruments as well as some sound files.

I also carry out repairs on all guitars and basses.

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