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Shin-ei / Vibe-2 / Black / Effect

The new Vibe 2 from Shin-ei for sale. Free shipping in Denmark. 

Please inquire for shipping quote to your destination.

"The Vibe-2 packs all the power, tone and features of the Vibe-Bro housed in a smaller, pedal board friendly enclosure. It's main circuitry is basically a clone of the Vibe-Bro and the original 1960's Honey Uni-Vibe using high quality photocells, high grade carbon composition resistors and even an ultra rare N.O.S Miyama red and white Chorus-Vibrato switch! The Vibe-2 features two speed controls operated by a front panel foot switch. The popular Bypass-Preamp switch found on the rear of the Vibe-Bro can also be found on the front panel of the new Vibe-2. Its smaller size (5.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches - 13.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm) is a major plus for those with pedal boards where real estate is at a premium."


The Vibe-2 nails that old school "Vibe" sound and then some. It drips with the heavy pulse and deep tone found in the old vintage Uni-Vibes that we all love. The Vibe-2 is powered by a 24 Volt DC wall power supply that we provide with each unit. The Vibe-2 can also operate with many of the commercially available DC power supplies used by guitarists to run their pedal boards. Since most DC power supplies do not have a 24VDC output, this is achieved by summing two twelve volt outputs (24VDC total) with a properly wired summing "Y" cable which we provide as well. The Vibe-2 needs sufficient amperage (400mA minimum per 12 volt output) to function properly. Units such as the Voodoo Lab "Digital", Strymon "Zuma" and the Vitoos "DC8" are examples of power supply units units that will allow the Vibe-2 to operate at a high level of performance. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 for example, WILL NOT run the Vibe-2 properly as its #5-6 L6 outputs set to 12 volts each will not have enough amperage to run the device when summed together using our provided DC "Y" cable. Please note that not all DC "Y" cables are wired the same. Using a "Y" summing cable other than the official cable provided by us could damage your unit and/or your power supply which will void our warranty. Feel free to call our email us anytime for further clarification regarding the operation and power requirements of the Vibe-2.

The Vibe-2 can be used with our optional Vibe-2 Speed Control Foot Pedal. Physically identical to the Vibe-Bro speed control foot pedal, the Vibe-2 foot pedal differs however in that it connects to the Vibe-2 with a stereo plug. Internally, the Vibe-2 Speed Control Foot Pedal does not have effect cancelling via a relay operated DIN socket like the Vibe-Bro speed control foot pedal. 


You can choose either the "TRUE BYPASS" or the original vintage vibe circuit "PREAMP" mode via the "Signal Path" toggle switch on the top of the unit.


Vibe-2 has been engineered to be pedal board friendly, measuring 5.5 x 4.5 x 1.75 inches - 13.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 cm .


The Vibe-2 is offered in both the standard "Vintage Black" and "Machine Gun Gray". When available, we also offer Metallic Hot Rod Purple, Voodoo Red (Slight Metallic) and Mean Toxic Green. Due to production scheduling, not all colors are available at all times.


The Vibe-2 is built using the highest quality parts available. NOS parts are used wherever possible including the über rare Miyama Red and White Chorus-Vibrato rocker switch. 


The provided 500ma 24 Volt DC switchable wall adapter can run on wall current of 100-240 Volts AC. For international orders, we provide interchangeable wall plug connectors with each Vibe-2 power supply. This allows the user to run the Vibe-2 in the UK, EU, AUS, Japan and many other countries around the world.

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Copenhagen Fine Guitars, Denmark  

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Camilla & Nicolai
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Showroom located in Copenhagen / Denmark. Please contact us for an appointment at our showroom. Or shop online directly on our V&R store. 

We work with luthiers, amp, and pedal builders from all over the world. We are the first guitar store in Copenhagen and Denmark to focus exclusively on handmade guitars & gear as well as a smaller section of selected high-end vintage. 

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The current list of brands we exclusively represent in Denmark: Shin-ei, Fredholm Guitars, Tonfuchs Guitars, Dreamer Guitarworks, Henman Guitars, Dag Pedals, Rozawood

Also dealers for: DryBell

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