Gibson / EDS-1275 / 1978 / Walnut / Guitar For Sale

Original 1978 Gibson EDS-1275 in Walnut finish with an original hard case for sale. In absolutely great condition. Serial #71168047

Will ship from Denmark at buyers' expense. Local pickup can be arranged.

The guitar comes from the danish band Mew and will come with a certificate of ownership.


The Gibson EDS-1275 is a double-neck electric guitar produced by Gibson, first introduced in 1958. The guitar features two necks, one with six strings and one with twelve, giving players the ability to switch between a standard guitar and a 12-string guitar during a performance. The EDS-1275 is known for its distinctive shape and for being used in many famous performances.

The Gibson EDS-1275 features two solid mahogany necks with rosewood fingerboards, two sets of Gibson humbucking pickups, and two volume and tone controls for each set of pickups. It also features a tune-o-matic bridge, Gibson's sunburst finish, and Gibson Deluxe tuning machines. It has a 24.75" scale length and a weight of around 13.5 pounds.

The Gibson EDS-1275 is known for its warm and powerful tone, which is characterized by a strong mid-range, a clear, articulate high-end, and a rich, full-bodied low-end. The humbucking pickups provide a balance of clarity and warmth, and are known for their high output, making it ideal for rock, blues, and psychedelic music.

Due to the age, rarity, and historical significance of the Gibson EDS-1275, it is considered a highly sought-after and valuable vintage guitar. They can be very expensive, and you may have to pay a premium for one that is in good condition. It's worth noting that the Gibson EDS-1275 was not in production for a long time and finding an original one in good condition can be difficult and very expensive, if you are looking for the same tone, but can't afford the original, you can look for other Gibson's double-neck guitars or reissue versions.


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