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- Compact and durable pre-amp booster for guitar.
- Used also as customization option for Taisto Guitars
- Ultra low power consumption for very long lasting playing.
- Utlizes tube-a-like FET transistor technology
- Adjustable gain with small screwdriver.
- Can be connected to guitar tone/volume push-pull switch for - ON/OFF True by Pass.
- Module can be installed inside guitars having enough space for module battery.
- Size of preamp is 48x25x13mm and comes with standard 9V litium battery
- The kit includes a stereo jack for power switching functionality with guitar jack.
- Delivered with CTS potentiometer with push-pull switching for ON-OFF/True by Pass

Taisto Guitars, Finland  

Contact name:
Taisto Heinonen
Taisto Guitars
English, Finnish
Custom guitars, Electronics
Opening hours:

We make customized guitars with made-to-order concept. We use latest technology and tools which are used to reach accurate and repeatable end results in our building process. 

We use computer aided design and manufacturing tools always when applicable. Handcrafting is used in important finishing phases. 

 We have wide range of customization options for guitars and we have also electronics products for guitars. Taisto Guitars are designed and made in Lempäälä, Finland

Payment via bank transfer, paypal

Check our order process from our web site


Shipping methods agreed with customer.

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