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Thegigrig / WetBox / 2014 / Effect For Sale

TheGigRig WetBox is the Swiss Army Knife of pedalboard essentials.
This device will allow you to mix your original signal (dry) with delays, reverbs, (wet) anything you stick in the loop of the WetBox.
And here's the best bit, you can do it in real time with any volume pedal!
If you have a digital delay, you simply have to hear it with a WetBox. Mix your direct analog signal with the 'Wet' signal from your delay. The difference will shock you.
And if you want spill-over trails from your delay or reverb, the WetBox is perfect.

TheGigRig, UK  

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Daniel Steinhardt
TheGigRig products
Hand-Built switching systems and effects pedals
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By Appointment

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Where you can learn how to get the best guitar tone from your gear. Find out how the stars get their tone, how you can do it too, and how to get the most out of the gear you're using now
At The Gig Rig we are passionate about great guitar tone. We love vintage effect pedals, boutique effects, valve/tube amps and obscure hard to find toys that help us achieve tone nirvana. Great guitar tone is not a mystery, but it is a journey and we're here to help.

Please contact a local dealer near you for purchase. If there not a dealer in your area, please donĀ“t hesitate to contact us.

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