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Two-Rock / Custom Reberb V3.0 SS 50W / 2011 / Black / Amp

Two-Rock - Custom Reverb v3.0 SS 50W

- dual channels, SS rectifier, 6L6 - EL34 interchangeable with bias adjust, 50 watts

- full / half power
- new Reverb for better loop function, send / return
- 4, 8, 16 ohm output
- dual contours (lead/clean), 2 different EQ settings
- pull mid defeat, bright, deep, bypass eq
- footswitch


Instrument sold

Guitars Rebellion, France  

Contact name:
ESP, Suhr, Rasmus, PRS, Knaggs, Fano, Ruokangas, Edwards, Diezel, 65 Amps, Custom Audio Amplifiers, Dr.Z, Two-Rock, Strymon, Diamond, Free The Tone...
French & English
Custom Guitars & High End Gear
Opening hours:
10:00 - 13:00 --- 14:00 - 19:00 - Tuesday / Saturday

Feel free to visit us directly at our showroom. It is always best to test, discuss, be advised by specialists in a pleasant place and specially designed for this purpose. We are located in Paris, left bank. Please note that we are open to everyone, but we operate on appointment for all tests guitars and amps. To make an appointment, please call or email us.



11 rue René Goscinny

75013 Paris


Tel: +33 1 45 86 49 80




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