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Versoul / Amp And Cab / 2010's / Genuine Leather / Amp

Versoul amp is a double single ended amplifier.

Two power tubes cathode biased are wired in parallel and amp works in class A.

Both tubes have own master volume control.

Several type octal socket tubes can be used without adjusting the bias voltage:

V4 tube socket: 6V6, 6L6, 5881, KT66,

V5 tube socket: 6V6, 6L6, 5881, KT66, EL34, 6CA7, 6550, KT88.

Depending on the tubes used the output power will vary from circa 5 watts to circa 22 watts.

Several different rectifier tubes can be used on V6 tube socket: 5Y3, 5AR4, GZ34, 5U4, 5U4G

Pre amp section has two channels and several different noval socket tubes can be used:

Tube V1 tube socket: 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7, 12 AY7, 12DW7, 5751.

Tube sockets V2 and V3: 12AX7, however other tubes may be used but not recommended.

Channel 1. One pre amp tube in use V1 with Volume and Tone controls

Channel 2. Two pre amp tubes are in use; V1 and V3 with Pre Vol 2. and Treble & Bass controls.

Versoul amp has an unique effect loop section and is fully tube driven. Both send and return signals

are individually adjustable. Therefore effects using line level and guitar level signals may both used.

Gold anodized chassis is made of sturdy 2 mm thick aluminium and joints are welded.

All components are carefully selected and are very high quality, for example paper in oil and

Orange Drop coupling caps and carbon film resistors in pre amp and effect loop section.

Military quality PEC pots are used.

Power transformer, output transformer and power choke are made by Hammond

Turret board and point to point construction are used.

Head and cabinet are made of solid pine with strong finger joints. Front and back plates

are made of 1/4'' thick birch plywood and making cabinet nicely resonating construction.

Covering is genuine leather also piping, corner legs and handles are leather.

Cabinet is equipped with two Celestion AlNiCo Gold 12'' speakers, power handling 100 watts.

The cabinet has semi open construction, which creates thick & airy and open sound compared to

fully closed or open back cabinets/combos.

Pot knobs are rosewood and inlaid with green abalone dots.

The circuit is designed by Jaakko Turunen and the concept and head & cabinet by Kari Nieminen

Instrument sold

Versoul, Finland  

Contact name:
Kari Nieminen
Finish & English
Hand Built Guitars
Opening hours:
By Appointment. Email: Phone: 00358 9 565 1876


Founded in 1994, Versoul specializes in the design and construction of high end string instruments for professional musicians. Since the beginning of the company, the product range has broadened from two acoustic models in 1995, to 19 production models in 2008. Versoul instruments are available internationally through dealers in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Each element of the Versoul instruments, from the sound to the materials, technology and finish, is the result of thorough research and development process. Innovation with materials serves many purposes. For example, certain species of rosewood and mahogany, traditionally used extensively in the construction of stringed instruments, are becoming more scarce. Versoul builds instruments using local, ecological wood choices, such as aspen, European alder and maple from carefully selected sources.

Versoul instruments have been used in hundreds of professional recordings and live performances over the years in Europe and in the USA. In addition to professional performing artists, musicians and guitar technicians, customers of Versoul include collectors, investors and guitar enthusiasts.


Despite the modern guitar has been constantly developed and redeveloped for centuries, there is always room for improvement. The design of each Versoul model begins with music and the musician in mind - how to refine the sound and improve the instrument for the benefit of both.

The development and design of Versoul instruments combines the study of classic instruments with extensive research on materials. This approach - merging respect towards the traditional instrument with the desire to take the guitar further - has lead to such innovative designs as the Buxom Baritone 12 string and the Reso Sun resonator guitars.

Versoul designs are first and foremost professional tools in terms of ergonomics, functionality and playability. En equal emphasis is placed on the sound and visual design of each model. This results in instruments, which are practical, esthetically pleasing and most importantly, produce an exceptional sound.

About Kari Nieminen

Mr. Kari Nieminen holds an MFA degree in industrial design. He received his degree in 1989 from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, Finland. As his diploma work, Kari produced an experimental series of six acoustic steel string flat top guitars. In 1998, he was awarded ''Industrial Designer of The Year'' by the Association of Finnish Industrial Designers.

Kari has been building guitars for over thirty years. His experience, together with his formal art education background, has lead to an unique attitude towards making instruments. Through meticulous study of classic builds, Kari has obtained an excellent base of knowledge on sound and construction.

While many guitars of today excel in technological design, Kari is convinced that certain amount of tradition will yield better results in sound. His mission is to complement the centuries of tradition in guitar building with uniquely modern design.

One of Kari's models, a steel string flat top guitar ZOEL was featured in one of Finland's special stamp editions showcasing six products of new Finnish design in October 1999.


Versoul instruments are available globally directly from the manufacturer. Instruments are delivered quickly, reliably, and at a reasonable rates via TNT Express courier service. The delivery service takes care of customs and formalities for orders outside the EU. For more information on delivery rates, contact Versoul Ltd.


Local distributors

Selected distributors carry samples of Versoul instruments. Versoul stock is rarely available, but purchasing via order is possible.


United States, Los Angeles area*

Westwood Music
Fred Walecki
1627 Westwood Blvd,
Santa Monica,
Los Angeles,
CA 90024
phone: 310-478-4251
fax: 310-477-0069

*for the rest of the US, contact Versoul Ltd directly



Kitahara Gakki Inc.
6-1-8 Himonya, Meguro-ku
Tokyo,152-0003 Japan

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