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Vox / AC30HW*LTD Edition Hand Wired 2003 Guitar Combo*UK Made / 2003 / Amp

Vox AC-30 Handwired. Limited edition (300pcs). Made in the UK 2003. Ex cond. 

All original. Made at Marshall factory in UK with Tony Bruno.
UK Alnico blue speakers. Brown speaker cloth.
Handmade exact copies of original transformers.
Excellent full size reverb. 
Hand wired amps come at a premium price. The AC30HW combo retailed for $4000 USD. 
Features of the AC30HW Series: Totally hand built chassis with tag terminal board construction. 
Custom hand wound transformers. 
North Coast Music supplied an original 60's era AC-30 Wooden output transformer to Vox to aid in the development of the tone critical output transformer. 
30 Watts RMS (before distortion). 
Two inputs - Hi and Low. Volume control plus highly interactive Treble and Bass controls. 
Signature VOX Tone Cut control which attenuates high frequencies in the power amp section. 
Tube driven Accutronics long tank spring Reverb with Level and Tone controls. 
Tube driven Tremolo circuit with variable Speed and Depth controls. 
Master Volume control that retains tone when attenuated. 
Foot Switch for controlling Reverb and Tremolo. 
The HW edition was allegedly a run of just 340 amps of which only 40 were given to UK distribution, and apparently no expense was spared. 
"Birch ply cabinet, black tolex covering with fawn Diamond grille cloth. At first sight it looks like any standard AC30 save for a small brass nameplate stating Limited hand wired edition in bottom RH corner of grille. 
Also, there is just a single channel with a pair of hi/lo inputs so the control panel looks rather different 
- especially with the addition of reverb and a master volume. 
Inside is a point to point turret board and the transformers are said to be hand wound. 
The sound is wonderful."

Instrument sold

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