Gibson / Les Paul Goldtop 1952 Reissue 52 Ri 99 / 1999 / Guitar For Sale

Here for sale 1999 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1952 Reissue. Excellent recreation of the classic that started it all! Great player and P90s sound amazing. In my opinion, 90's reissues feature best wood selection and build quality was outstanding. An extra dark rosewood fretboard is a nice addition. For better intonation and playability I've replaced the bridge with a Mojoaxe (including both bridges). It has a chunky, 50-style neck and weighs in at 9.1 lbs. This early reissue was a small run of guitars made in a limited quantity of 10 or 20. The guitar is in very good overall condition with some minor marks here and there. Comes with original hard case.


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