Ibanez (Japan) / GB10 / 1978 / Sunburst / Guitar For Sale

First year production GB10.  Pickguard replaced due to original gassing out as can be seen from gold plating deterioration on pickups.  The pickguard has been replaced with a genuine Ibanez one.

This guitar is in exceptional condition and had been regularly maintained by a professional luthier for many, many years on behalf of the previous owner who was a well respected Jazz guitarist in Germany and a memeber of a TV/Radio big band there.

Playability is faultless, trussrod works smoothly and allows very precise set up, the tuners function like new are are also precise and provide very stable tuning, and it sounds absolutely wonderfull in part due to the fact that these early GB10s have 21 frets unlike the later model that has 22.  The additional fret of the later guitars changes the sound quite a bit more than most would imagine.

All go so far as to say that these instruments are far superior in both playability and sound to anything that I have every played produced by Gibson and I have owned and played a significant number of Gibson archtops over the years.

You wouldn't regret buying this instrument!

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