JOLANA / SUPERSTAR / 1980's / Red/Black / Bass For Sale

Vintage Electric guitar
Used, but is in excellent condition! Like new! Great sound!
Made in Czech
Price with Worldwide shipping!
Produced at Jolana factory in Krnov since 1979. The design copied american Peavey T-40 bass. The humbucking pickups were a new Jolana development and later appeared on many other models during the eighties - see Galxis and Disko basses. 
The first thing that should be noted in this tool - it's neck. He is thin and very, very comfortable. Not too wide and not too narrow. And has many frets :) flattened posterior surface neck makes setting the left hand is very comfortable for the speed of the game.
The anchor is designed as a U-shaped profile of millimeter steel, glued in neck. 
Next Notably this guitar - mount strings through the body. Lots of sustain in the sound and a lot of the bottom. 
The next thing that caught my attention - it's electronics. All e-filling collected on the board of the double foil PCB. Pickups included in tricky scheme using a large number of capacitors and inductors even. Apparently, this is the original development firm Jolana. 
By the way, the body Pickups look like metal, but they are actually made ​​of plastic, coated with a layer of chromium. This chromed used as a screen. Coil sensors are filled with wax, the board TONE connected with shielded cables. In general, initially this guitar and so pretty well shielded, but just in case I additionally pasted the internal cavity of the foil. 
Body very broad and mass ve. But sballansirovana it very well, kept in any given situation long as he wants. Cut-out dimensions for the left hand allows easy access to all 24 frets. The whole thing is covered with a thin layer of polyurethane varnish, which, apparently, is one of the components of a good sound of this guitar. 
Well, we only talk about the hardware. 
Kolka standard Jolana's rotate smoothly and perfectly hold system. 
Bridge cast copper alloy. Has a wide range of adjustment, both in height and in the bore.
Number of strings: 4 
Neck: Maple; profile - thin, Modern "C" 
The design of the anchor: U-shaped steel 
Neck Construction: on 4 screws 
Frets: 24 
Pad: stained beech (to avoid discoloration, do not use lemon oil) 
Bore: 34 "
Attaching strings: through the hull 
Body: alder (3 pieces), veneered presumably layer maple and ash layer 
Coating: Polyurethane Varnish 
Pickups: passive humbuckers, 2 pcs. 
Controls: Three-position switch, master volume control, 2 tone controls 
Options: was supposed to be more hard case 
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia 
Shipping: Worldwide.
Payment: Paypal/Cards/Bank Transfer.
Attention! If the tool length will exceed 105 cm (41.3 "), I'll be forced to sever the neck and deck for dispatch.
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