Eddie Van Halen Custom Guitar Pedal Board 2007-2008 Tour

Legendary, unique and historic. This is Eddie Van Halens guitar pedal board that he used on the 2007-2008 Van Halen Tour.

In January 2011 Vintage and Rare visited the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. As the guitarfreaks we are, we of course had to visit Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd, downtown Los Angeles. In the front window sat Eddie Van Halens guitar pedal board from the 2007-2008 Van Halen Tour.

This famous pedal board marks the sold-out tour where David Lee Roth for the first time in 23 years performed with Van Halen.

– It is an outstanding piece of hardware and a must-see for guitar-freaks all over the world. It is always interesting to see how the master guitarplayers put together their rigs. As a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen and his unique sound and groundbreaking playingstyle and technique it is great to see up close.

– We hope you will enjoy these pictures. Should you have pictures of the amprig please contact us, as we would like to show it on this blog as well.

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