Introduction to V&R Electronic Sessions.

Introduction to V&R Electronic Sessions

Vintage & Rare loves guitars and we love guitar pedals too, in fact we love everything about the tools of the past and present musician and we love all the creative souls who either used or are now using a superbly crafted custom made guitar or the ingenious design of an electronic circuit.

Collaboration with artists

When it comes down to it everything starts with a creative mind and a curious soul and that’s why we’ve teamed up with electronic artist Mute State. We have in collaboration set out to explore creative ways of using both the vintage and rare equipment we hold so dearly as well as the futuristic and innovative stuff we haven’t even learned about yet. Teaming up with an artist means we are going to create some art and we will focus on specific tools, instruments and/or techniques in the process.

Hopefully we will be able to inspire you to use your old gear in new ways and to get an idea of how a specific piece of equipment can be used in a musical performance by master electronic musician and jazz guitarist Mute State. The music is really it’s own thing, dreamy and mesmerizing, gritty and edged, electronic but jazz, smooth but unpolished. Everything is created there on the spot with an impressive setup comprised of guitar pedals, samplers, mixers, guitars, and synthesizers. Each session will be both an exploration of sound as a field of art and a practical “hands on” view of everything that is going on.

Session #1

We will be releasing these outings on a regular basis so please welcome the V&R Electronic Sessions with Mute State on the V&R YouTube channel. Our first sonic adventure is already up, a musical exploration of the Lastgasp Art Laboratories Multi Noise Processor 2, further processed by the Organelle from Critter & Guitari and tweaked in real time with the Mute State live setup. An unedited and continuously evolving live performance which spans from the utterly chaotic to the neatly organised and grooving. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to let us know what you think in the comment section below. And futhermore…Please feel free to share on social media 🙂

All the best, V&R team.

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