Walter Trout Charity Auction – Pedals With A Cause

Pedals With A Cause is the world´s first fundraising community for pedal manufacturers from all over the world, coming together and donating pedals for great causes. And Vintage & Rare is so proud to be a part of this!

The first auction being held, is a fundraiser for blues guitarist Walter Trout who is in urgent need of a liver transplant. We are very sad to hear about the condition of our dear friend and have decided to be a part of the Pedal With A Cause eBay auction, to raise funds for Walter in this critical time.

With the support of 17 pedal manufacturers from all over the world, we have now gathered 20 amazing pedals. All 20 pedals are being listed as one single auction! So here is your chance to grab 20 incredible pedals in one go and support a great cause.

We need your support for this very worthy cause, so go check out the auction right here:

Note that the auction ends on Monday the 7th of April.

Read more on our website or facebook.

Support Walter Trout

Support Walter Trout




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