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Rare, Custom and Vintage Bowed Instruments

Rare, Custom and Vintage Bowed Instruments For sale

Rare, Custom and Vintage Bowed Instruments For sale

Bowed stringed instruments are a subcategory of stringed instruments, which produce a sound by rubbing the instrument’s strings with a bow. Today’s bowed instruments have evolved from the more typical stringed instruments which were simply strummed or plucked. Relative to its ancestors, the evolution of bowed stringed instruments is fairly recent. It is estimated that the bowed instrument was first developed approximately 1000 years ago. The bow, which typically is made of wood, has many hairs stretched across one side that are held in place by a curved piece known as a frog. The player uses the bow by sliding it across the bowed instrument’s strings to produce sounds and vibrations. The musician normally holds the bow in his or her right hand, and it is used in conjunction with the player’s left hand to finger the strings. The strings on a bowed instrument are occasionally, although rarely, plucked to produce a more unique and distinct sound.


Bowed stringed instruments, such as the violin and cello, have become two of the most prominent instruments in modern orchestras due to their evocative nature and the range of their tones. Violins have been around since the middle of the 16th century, however, it wasn’t until the 17th century that the violin’s richness and agility was perfected by violin makers such as Stradivari. Since then, the violin has more or less defined the musical texture of many orchestras. In comparison to the violin, which is held by the musician’s chin and his or her left hand, the cello rests on the floor and is straddled by the musician. In orchestras, the cello has an equally important role to the violin, giving background and contrast to a melody. The cello is lower in pitch, making its sound lyrical and warm. In general, bowed instruments make up about two thirds of a modern orchestra.


At, we carry bowed stringed instruments of all types and pitch, from cellos and violins to double basses and beyond. You can find high quality, vintage bowed instruments, as well as more modern bowed instruments, as well as their accessories, from many of the world’s best and most trusted instrument dealers. If for some reason, we happen to be missing the instrument you are looking for, or it is currently sold out, then check back soon. We frequently expand and update our inventory of bowed instruments.


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