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Vintage Upright Piano

Vintage Upright Piano Pianos For sale

 Upright pianos are known in the piano world to be smaller and more compact then other types of pianos. This is due to them having vertical strings in place of horizontal strings. This is why it can also be named as the ‘vertical piano’.

In the 1860s, a type of upright piano was invented that first started to show signs of being able to squeeze in and compact strings vertically. This is where upright pianos began to develop and eventually by the end of the 19th century, upright pianos were starting to spout. offers a wide range of upright pianos that have an excellent tone and enriched sound of play that would fit in nicely in a small area. They can come in a variety of woods such as oak, maple and birch and could be perfect for you. Can’t find the upright piano you want? Regularly check back on as our listings constantly update with new offers.

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