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Here we offer an original Martin 0 – 21 from 1937. An absolute top instrument and a rare specimen of the coveted “Pre War” instruments by Martin.
The Martin “Pre War” guitars, from the time shortly before the 2nd World War and during the early days of the war, are very popular among collectors.
With these guitars best materials, a sound-optimized construction and careful manual work come together and form so unique dream instruments. The number of guitars built by Martin was very small at that time, so that very few “Pre War” Martins are sold today.
Especially the models from 1937 are today the basis for Martin’s many Reissue models, the so-called “Golden Era” series. One tries to reproduce the models of this time as true to the original as possible.
Here with this guitar you get the real original and no replica!
The top made of German spruce with its complex harmonics and the extra portion of clarity was only used for a limited number of instruments and only for these old instruments. The back and sides are made of high quality Riopalisander (Brazilian Rosewood). This wood is of course one of the best tone woods you can get for guitars.
Due to its age it is exempt from Cites regulations. A corresponding letter of the Federal Ministry for Environmental Protection is attached to the instrument.
This 0 – 21 really sounds very, very, very good. It is really mature and perfectly balanced, with present mids, crystal clear highs and booming basses (amazing what comes out of this small body).
The small 0 – body gives the sound additionally a round nuance and a great projection.
The construction of this Martin is, in contrast to many other Martins, very robust. This helps the sound to unfold and project properly. It is really a unique sound experience when you play this guitar or perceive it as a listener.
The guitar is in a unique original vintage condition. All parts on the guitar are original and it has the original varnish. Additionally it comes in the original case (a little bit damaged, but still functional).
Only the following is worth mentioning: There was a pickup built into the guitar, which has been removed in the meantime. For this reason, a small hole was expertly sealed on the rear frame. The string position is very good (2.7 mm on the electric bass and 2.4 mm on the e-discant) and the guitar plays optimally.
The guitar got a Neckreset and plays very well!
All in all, it is of course a dream instrument that will absolutely delight both the player and the collector. It is also a solid investment, because such instruments are very sought after and have a great potential for appreciation.
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Vintage Guitar World was founded out of passion for guitar playing and the search for the special sound.Selling guitars is not just a job for us – we love guitars and live music.

We are specialized in classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars. As our name already suggests, our preference is on vintage and historically valuable guitars.We want to offer our customers special, unique and high quality guitars.

Guitars which are specially selected and outstanding in sound.All guitars are checked and adjusted. We work closely together with guitar builders and repair shops to adjust each guitar.

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