Fender / Stratocaster / 1963 / Fiesta Red / Guitar For Sale

Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in Fullerton, California, USA, including original brown tolex hardcase with CITES-document, neck stamped 2DEC62B, pots are all dated 3046302 (2nd week of 1963) so we call the guitar a 1963-model, curve rosewood fingerboard, this guitar has some stories and we will start with the bad news;

the bridge pickup cavity in both body and pickguard plus aluminium shield has been enlarged to fit a mini humbucker a loong time ago, and the neck pickup has been rewound since it was dead when it came to us so we sent it to pickup guru Johan Lundgren (https://lundgren.se) who used vintage correct wire to restore to former glory. The long version is that this guitar with original custom color Fiesta Red over a Desert Sand undercoat (typical for this era) came to Sweden in the early 1970´s with one of the usual suspects mr Hjalle Nicolau (the Greek), the airline guy who also supplied tons of gear to the Åhdén twins at Guitars The Museum in this era, he sold it to a famous guitar player in town who in turn sold it to our customer in 1972, and at that time it was already modified, then later on in 1976 he bought a single coil pickup and a non-modded pickguard from Hjalle that were installed at Halkans, this pickup is now in the case and it is actually a 1960s black bottom pickup that was rewound and outfitted with thin black plastic black and white cables and tape around the bobbin, then again in 2015 he asked the original seller to search for the original pickup and got the one that is in the guitar now, it looks like a twin to the other two (including similar wax build-up by the cables) except for the fact that the pole pieces are shinier on the one that spent some years in a drawer, also a better repro greenguard was fitted at this time, all the different parts mentioned are included in the case, all the typical nail holes and router pin holes are present and clean, and all the other parts including knobs, back plate, bridge, arm and saddles, 3-way and Kluson tuners are original to the guitar, the aluminium shield is stamped KAISER on the back, the nut has been replaced with a bone nut, clay dots, 2 tiny holes between the 19th and 20th fret from the Fender factorys use of a staple gun to attach a protective piece of cardboard during finishing (the other 2 holes not visible, usually between the nut and first fret), the bridge pickup measures 6,59kOhm and the middle pickup measures 6,19kOhm

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Oscar Guitars is today Sweden's largest specialist guitar store with a focus on vintage and used string instruments, pedals and amplifiers. In the store there is a constantly changing exhibition of stringed instruments from all ages and manufacturers, some call it a museum where everything is for sale. 

The store is based on a vision that began full-time in 1997 and today, 25 years later, we are one of the the most famous vintage guitar shops in Northern Europe.  


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