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Very Good condition, 7/10, the weight is 4238 gram which equals 9.34 pounds, according to rumour the 1968 Les Pauls used stock wood from the 1950 s as they are completely different from any other late 60 s LP with the correct angle neck, small headstock and great quality wood, the serial number on this guitar fits in with the second version of the 1968 Les Paul where the headstock silk screen says Les Paul Model instead of the first crown inlaid version, all original parts except for the outputjack plate which is now a great looking aged repro creme colored plate (when we got the guitar it had a metal plate with new slot head screws), dotted i in the logo, long tenon, square route control cavity, correct double ring double line Kluson Deluxe tuners with traces from a set of Grovers that have now been removed, no volute, soft V-shape neck (like many 50 s Les Pauls), one piece mahogany neck with glued on ears on the headstock (a bit darker wood), deep binding in the cutaway,still has the original nibs so the very worn frets are probably original (will need a refret soon but we will leave this to the next owner, pots date 1376745 (45th week of 1967) and all the solder joints look untouched but there is an added ground wire from the bridge tone to the neck volume and a wire that is soldered to a wood screw in the cavity, original Gibson bridge (Pat No 2.740.313) with nylon saddles and original light weight aluminium tailpiece, original white plastic including the pickguard (to which someone has added a layer of aluminum foil underneath, not sure why) and a distinct fade under the pickguard in the goldtop from sunlight, the strap button by the neck has been moved about 10mm to the side (probably for improved balance), lots of little dents in the finish, especially on the top under the arm (from a studded bracelet perhaps?), some finish wear on the back of the neck including original square hardcase with red lining and an original hangtag stamped model L. PAUL STAN. 2pc P90 pickups with original creme UC-452-B covers and see thru bobbins which have not been rewound proven by the factory masking tape, 4pc reflector knobs, in the neck pickup cavity (it has the popsicle stick neck route as a 50 s) there is an added piece of brown plastic to improve the pickup screw attachment, old slight separation under the fingerboard by the last 5 frets before the body attachment, probably from shrinking wood, modern repro switch tip but the original (which is cracked) is still in the case

Oscar Guitars, Sweden  

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Oscar Björklund
Vintage guitars, amps and other stringed instruments
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M-F 12.00-18.00 Sat-Sun 12.00-16.00

Oscar Guitars is today Sweden's largest specialist guitar store with a focus on vintage and used string instruments, pedals and amplifiers. In the store there is a constantly changing exhibition of stringed instruments from all ages and manufacturers, some call it a museum where everything is for sale. 

The store is based on a vision that began full-time in 1997 and today, 25 years later, we are one of the the most famous vintage guitar shops in Northern Europe.  


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