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Ludwig / Played By Mitch Mitchell / 1960's / Drum For Sale

Mitch Mitchell played it in 1967 in Germany with Jimi Hendrix

Some parts are missing or a replaced. Not all hardware is original.

It has still not all Cases. But I'm looking for them.

The left drum with Ludwig, the right Drum with  Ludwig and the Star-Club Logo.


BassCollection, Germany  

Contact name:
Rainer Schallert
Hofner, Framus, Fender etc.
German & English
Vintage guitars & basses
Opening hours:

The following instruments are kept in a vault, in a castle surrounded by a moat with crocodiles, electrified barbed wire fences and land mines in a far-off distant land where they live happily together with my always hungry German Shepherd Dogs... btw. my (stupid) Neighbour means, they are not really German Shepherd Dogs, he thought they are cute... B4 he lost his right arm!



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