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NARB / The NARB 50 Lead / 2019 / Blue / Amp

The LEAD 50 is inspired by the famous model 1987 from the late plexi/small box era. Employing solid state rectification to push a pair of EL34’s with adjustable fixed bias brings a loud and bold tone that is easily manipulated with your instrument’s volume control. Two channels internally jumped with a shared E.Q. brings all the tones and textures associated with Kossoff ,Page ,Angus, Hendrix, Clapton and Beck.

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Echopark Guitars & NARB Amplification, USA  

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Jonathan Lutton
Echopark Guitars, Amplifiers, Effect Pedals & NARB Amplifiers
Hand-built Guitars, Amps and Effects
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We craft fine American Guitars, Tube Amplifiers, and Effects Pedals with our hands in Detroit, USA.

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