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Pure Tone Amps / The Cosmonaut / Custom / Amp For Sale

The Cosmonaut came from the idea to build one of the most versatile amps in the globe.  I started with the recipe of the Duo Tone, my first model with a cathode biased output section that has dual preamp charaters and can use 6V6, 6L6, KT66, EL34 output tubes with no adjustment. I took a fantastic sounding amp as a platform and supercharged it to make it even more useful with more options that the gigging or the studio guitarist would appreciate. 

I really like the idea of two preamps like the tweed style amps or the Marshalls where you bridge the two channels and get different colours.

I made two preamps but instead having a bright and a bass one I chose to have a triode preamp, with the sounds we like and a pentode one that has a different behaviour and attack.The two channels are linked and using two Volume controls, one for each preamp, you can choose how much of each valve’s caracter you add to your sound. At full entasis of both channels you can get a mild overdrive.

Why a pentode?

I really like the sound of the pentode in one of my vintage british amps so I thought it would be a great idea to add this fantastic sound to my Cosmonaut amp. Do you know that Cosmonauts are built using a NOS pentode? Yes it’s true. There is no current production of this tube but I have enough supplies of them so the users can get them and have their Cosmonaut fantastic sounding. This will continue for a restricted number of Cosmonauts before moving on to a currently produced valve. You can already order one with an EF86 if you prefer.

Is that all?

Of course no. I use a fantastic sounding EQ that takes advantage of the amps unique voices.

Any more? 

Of course yes. The amp has another preamp option that with a flip of a switch you get a fat tweed preamp and the Treble of the EQ is transformed to a Tone control.

Already enough features and too many sounds can be achieved but I wouldn’t call my amp Cosmonaut if I had just these. 

The Cosmonaut can use EL34 or 6L6-6V6-5881-KT66 valves to get the sounds you can get from all the amps around with no bias adjustment. Just put your favourite valves. So flexible. You can immediately have all the sounds you can imagine around the globe, British style, American style, glassy blues, smokey jazz and the list continues. And taking into account the Pure Tone Amps design you can make it instantly since you can change your valves less than a minute.

Finally the Minor/Major switch can give you half power output with warmer sounds and the ability to get your output valves overdrive earlier.

So you get an amp, a Pure Tone Amp, with the compact design  and low weighttrue point to point wired LIKE THE 50s AMPS BUT NEATER and customized to your needs and with a huge sound and the ability to get too many different others from the same amp. The ideal amp or not?


Since the COSMONAUT can use 6V6, 5881, 6L6, KT66, EL34 Output varies with valves 18-40W. Dual preamps, one using a pentode and one using a triode. Dual ENTASiS to control how much character of each valve to use in our sound. PURE/EQ switch, 3 band drastic EQ, the TREBLE at PURE acts as ΤΟΝΕ, MINOR/MAJOR switch for output reduction, LiNE OUT, Speaker Outs.

Top quality parts are used and the construction methods result to a great sounding amplifier with too many features and low mass and weight to take it easily with you in the studio or your live appearances. 

All these in a really compact design that weights 6,0kg.


Pure Tone Amps, Greece  

Contact name:
Serpetsidakis Michalis
Pure Tone Amps
English, Greek
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In 2010 I chose to start the Pure Tone Amps. I took the warmth and the behaviour of the amps we love and added several features that make them more flexible. I changed some things to unlock the harmonics and the dynamics and finally I removed everything that was not needed. Finally I designed a fresh and cool look. I make my amps by hand fo you and they are Unique,  Sound Incredible and are Build For Your Needs. They are handy and practical to follow you everywhere. Take your favourite amps with you in Studio and Live. 

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