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Pure Tone Amps / The Offset / Red / Amp For Sale

The Offset head from Pure Tone Amps. Serial number #43. 

the Offset is a dynamic and very flexible amplifier. Based on the 59 B***man – Plexi amps but with the unique Pure Tone Amps touch that makes it even more rich sounding and dynamic.

It features two preamps, a normal and a bright sounding one that via two knobs the precise amount of each sound is added. Cranking them you get a fat and complex sounding overdrive.

The 3pos preamp switch alters the preamp’s behaviour between different era of the amps. There is a Raw-Smooth switch that alters the frequency responce of the amp and the Pure switch gives another preamp character that is warmer, thicker and rawer. The Eq has a different behaviour at the different preamp switch’s settings and there is also a mids frequency switch. The Pure character also features a Tone control. The presence varies the fine treble frequencies. The Entasis control is a master volume control that gives the chance to get sweet spots at various output levels. Finally, the rectification switch switches between valve or diode for a punchier sound. The Line Out and the various impedance outs on the back finish the amp’s features.

The Offset is shipped stock with KT66 output valves that give wonderful and angelic tones but can be ordered with EL34, 5881, 6L6 or 6V6. Sounds wonderful with each set and an output valve package can be ordered that match the amps behaviour and settings.

Dimensions 30x20x24.5 cm

Weight 6.4 Kg

Price is including free shipping to EU and the States.

Copenhagen Fine Guitars, Denmark  

Contact name:
Camilla & Nicolai
Deimel Guitarworks, Fredholm Guitars, Tonfuchs Guitars, Dreamer Guitarworks, Henman Guitars, Dag Pedals, Borne Handmade
Danish & English
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By appointment.

A new Showroom located in Copehagen / Denmark. Please contact us for an appointment in our showroom. Or shop online directly on our V&R store. 

We work with luthiers, amp and pedal builders from all over the world. We are the first guitarstore in Copenhagen and Denmark to focus exclusively on fine handmade guitars & gear as well as a smaller section of selected high-end vintage. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Current list of brands we exclusively represent in Denmark: Shin-ei, Fredholm Guitars, Tonfuchs Guitars, Dreamer Guitarworks, Henman Guitars, Dag Pedals, Borne Handmade

Also dealers for: DryBell

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