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Reitz Guitars / Classical - Made To Order / 2010's / Guitar For Sale

Classical Guitar

My classical guitars are simple, functional, resonant and very playable instruments.

The starting point is a 650 mm mensur and a traditional choice of materials:

- Spruce or western red cedar deck

- Indian rosewood back and sides

- Ebony fingerboard

I have built with traditional 5 and 7 strut fan bracing, lattice bracing, and I have so far ended up with a design heavily inspired by Robert Bouchet's guitars.

It is a 6 strut fanbracing with a transverse brace under the bridge.

The transverse brace is made so that it bridges the each of the 6 fan braces.

It gives a great stiffness across the deck, which can then can be made thinner.

I also take great care around playability on these guitars . Some classical guitars have a clumsy neck and can be unnecessary difficult to play. There is no reason for this, when you might as well can make an easy playing neck.

As for finish, I prefer nitrocellulose lacquer. The decks are painted as thin as possible. This is a balance to make a finish that has a degree of abrasion resistance, but at the same time not adversely affect the sound and tone. If you shellak (french polish) it can be done, but usually I would advise against it.

The main reason is that I do a lot of repair work on shellak polished guitars, and they are really delicate. A shellak polished deck requires that you are really good at maintaining the guitar, which most players ofcourse also are though.

I do not think that a nitrocellulose finish is worse than shellac, as long as it is applied in a thin layer.

Many commercially produced, but still expensive guitars, are coated with a thick layer of two-component lacquer which does not do any any good for the sound. It shines, but does not sound good, so I keep do not use this method.

There are various options in terms of tuning machines. I usually use Schaller as a real good standard mechanics, or Irving Sloane if it is to be even better and more expensive.

Call for price

Reitz Guitars, Denmark  

Contact name:
Jakob Reitz
Reitz Guitars, K&K pick up systems.
Danish & English
Handbuilt Steel string guitars, classical guitars, gypsy guitars, jazz guitars, mandolin instruments, electric guitars, electric basses, lap steels etc.
Opening hours:
09.00-17.00 - Or by appointment.

The Reitz Guitars workshop is situated in Skals, 12 km north of Viborg, Denmark.

Here I build stringed instruments.
Steel string guitars, classical guitars, gypsy guitars, jazz guitars, mandolin instruments, electric guitars, electric basses, lap steels and more.

I have a line of more or less set models, and do custom projects as well. 

When buying a Reitz instrument, you get an easily played instrument of high quality and a 
high level of service.

I do repairs and setups as well.
- Anything from a buzzing string to complete rebuilds.

Today it is no problem to send instruments safely from one country to another, so don´t hessitate to 
contact me for a repair.

Or come and visit - You´re welcome.

Please call us for ordering and terms and conditions

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