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Rivera Amps / Clubster Royale 25 / 2023 / Black / Amp For Sale

Paul Rivera is a legend, when it comes to building great amps. From his famous Fender mods, that were in almost any L.A. studio in the 70/80's, to touring artists, like Vince Gill, Lukather, Carl Verheyen, Paul Jackson Jr., and many others. Almost every player in the Nashville and L.A. scene, has been around Rivera, and many still love the amps. 
But its not all history. These amps may be built on Pauls history, but constantly developed and fine tuned. We think Rivera is a lot better than most of the offerings out there.
The Clubster Royale, is an excellent amp. Clean as an old Fender, and driven like a Marhall. Add to this, a great sounding Spring Reverb, a built in Power Soak with speaker simulated output for recording, and a classy look. Loaded w/ 6V6's for the 25/12w version, and EL34's in the 55/25w version.
We know our prices on these amps are too low, but we bought at old prices, and we want you to benefit from that for a while still.
Check our website for all details.

Guitar Gandhi, Denmark  

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Morten & Rasmus
Suhr, Nash, Paoletti, Kauer, Magneto, Patrick James Eggle, Rivera, Caveman Audio, Lunastone, TrueTone, Rattlesnake Cables, Stringjoy
Danish & English
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Guitar Gandhi was born out of the love for guitar, and the world around it.

At Guitar Gandhi, all involved are guitar/bassplayers on different levels, and experienced people from the music industry, whether its about sales, purchase or repairs and service.

At times, where asian instruments are becoming cheaper and better, its hard to separate good from bad, and measure the exact value of an instrument.

99 Euros will get you an instrument that actually is playable, and can be a good start for someone, but it is still a 99 Euro guitar.

So we thought it would make sense to go in a different direction and sell, not only a great instrument, but the people behind it. Dedicated designers and builders, who put their names and faces behind what they do.

We are not here to conquer the world, but to have fun with products that we would love to play ourselves.
And we want YOU to have fun, when purchasing new products from us.
The music business is, more than ever, divided between “Big Buck” companies that are efficient and good at what they do, and local specialty stores, working out of love for what they do.
We don’t need (or want) to sell 99 Euro guitars, that base is already covered by online giants, and we don’t want to go there.

Guitar Gandhi has no obligations towards a certain brand, and no pressure from factories or distributors. We buy and sell exclusive products, that are well made and will stand the test of time. And most importantly – we buy what WE want!

Our only goal is to give YOU the best service, and the best products.

We love “extras” in any shape or form, and we check every instrument leaving the house. We have our luthiers at hand, taking care of all instruments going in and out of the house. And we always add a little extra, when you buy from us. Like i.e. the Gandhi Goodie Bag, which contains necessities you need.
The Gandhi Goodie Bag is complementary with every guitar you purchase!

It is our sincere hope, that you will enjoy our website, and be inspired to make your next purchase with us, whether it’s a pickup, spare parts or a new guitar.


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