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Stoll Guitars / Cider Barrel Guitar Fingerstyle No 1 / Guitar For Sale

Upcycling: Cider Barrel Guitar Fingerstyle No 1
Back, Sides and Top Oak – Inlay Cider Barrel
Guitars made of Oak, is that possible? From an old barrel? YES! Steelstring guitar upcycling project built consistently from native woods. Hessian cider Oak barrel supplies material for three extraordinary fingerstyle guitars.

As we are currently focusing on guitars built of local woods we dared to experiment with domestic Oak. With this project we not only follow the rules of the Local Wood ChallengeOpens in a new window but at the same time we act as a resource-saving player. A former barrel, made for the original Hessian cider, served us as material for this guitar. Not only the back and sides, but also the top is consistently built from the Oak of this barrel. The wood in some places visually reveals its origin and thus has its own charm. While the neck is made of alder, we made fingerboard, bridge, bindings, tail wedge, and headstock of plum and the rosette of maple.

The body shape is based on our Ambition Fingerstyle with a scale length of 63 cm and the neck-body transition at 12th fret. Our trademark Spanish neck, light, balanced design, domed top, are of course implemented on this particular model too. The peculiarities of the Oak wood were taken into account while building the bracing. Matching the wood, this Steelstring has a cider barrel inlay on the soundboard from11th to 13th fret. Schaller Grand Tune mechanics support smooth tuning. The strings are, as usual, by Elixir. This masterpiece is well protected in a hard case by Artur Benedykt.

Handling and Sound
The frequency spectrum of the Oak really took us by surprise. We would have expected a performance somewhat like an all-mahogany guitar, instead it shows a very clean bass, a little more slender, than the Oak sister with spruce top or a similar model with rosewood back and sides, but still powerful. An expressive low midrange and articulated, clear highs complete the sound characteristics.

This instrument turns out to be an all-round-talent for guitarists who are on "Old-Timey Music". Not only fingerpicking, but also flatpicking and strumming are possible. These talents combined with the tonal range transport vintage sound into the new age.

Like all our models, this guitar shows its skills from the very beginning. Neck shaping, nut width and string position are optimised for the range of applications.

Collecting the guitar personally includes free cider tasting.

Steel String Guitar
Back/Sides: Oak, Cider Barrel
Top: Oak, Cider Barrel
Neck: Alder, spanish constructed heel
Neck Width at Nut: 46 mm
Scale Length: 630 mm
Fingerboard: Plum
Nut/Bridge: Bone
Machine Heads: Schaller Grand TuneOpens in a new window
Strings: ElixirOpens in a new window
Finish: Nitrocellulose, satin-gloss
Weight: 1,770 g

Price: on request

Stoll Guitars, Germany  

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Christian Stoll
Stoll Guitars
German & English
Handmade acoustic guitars, basses, ukuleles
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Handicraft - Made in Germany

We value clean and high quality handicraft and selected materials. Thereby we pursue the concept of quality "Made in Germany". All of our guitars are made of solid tonewood. Before processing these valuable tonewoods we keep them in our workshop for years to dry slowly, as it is best for their determination.

Natural Materials

Our bindings are made of wood, nut and bridge are made of bone and dots and inlays are of mother of pearl.Small SeriesOur guitars (standard models) are built in small series of maximum 4 pieces. In this way, we save time and can still control the technical quality of our work. and keep the technical quality of our work fully under control. we combine time-saving work with the best possible view of the technical quality of our work.

Quality From the Start

Even with our entry-level models, we set high standards of quality. Good sound, good workmanship and solid tonewoods here are also a must, as in the upper price ranges.

Economical Calculation

Most of our woods we buy directly in the country of origin. We also dispense with expensive glossy brochures. The benefits we grant to you.

Enjoyment of Work

Only those who have pleasure in their work, do it good and conscientious. Therefore, all our employees, including the trainees, have their own field of responsibility, which is regularly reviewed and is growing with the acquired skills. By doing this we constantly give new challenges which makes work interesting and varied.

Economically, Environmentally, Politically Correct

For a handmade guitar from a local luthier you invest 100% of your money in the quality of the instrument, while the price of guitars from overseas is more than 50% of costs for transportation and middlemen. Short transport routes and the production under European environmental standards is environmentally friendly and reduces carbon emissions.  By investing in a local quality product you will not only add value by over 100% but help to maintain our quality of life.



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