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U-sound / OP50 Plexi Style / 2021 / Red / Amp

U-Sound OP50 Plexi Style 
50 Watt Guitar Tube Head 
3-channel monster  based on the Friedman BE50.

Very high quality  components!

In particular:
  • Output transformer Mercury Magnetics O50JM-SL
  • All NOS Mallory Mustard audio capacitors
  • Power Switches - Made in Japan
  • Relay - Made in Japan
  • Matched tubes JJ EL34 (2 pieces), ECC83 (4 pieces)
  • Very high quality Send / Return circuit that does not change the sound.
  • PPIMV - Master Volume control that allows you to get all the delights of powerful overdrive at a low (home) volume.
And so on.
Will ship within Europe by DHL.

Power supply 220  volts.

I will answer all  your questions.

Instrument sold

U-Sound , Russia  

Contact name:
Oleg Vorokha
Russian & English
Hand-built Amps and Effects
Opening hours:

U-Sound is a company manufacturing tube guitar AMPs, custom analog stomp-boxes, preamps and other equipment aimed at guitar- and bass-players who either play live or record in a studio. The company is two people - Oleg Vorokha (electronics engineer / developer) and Ilya Lipkin (artist / designer).
We honor the traditions of guitar sound creating our equipment yet we add certain elements of modern tech trends.
All units are hand-made out of the best high quality components and tested by professional musicians thus we dare to call our production "custom".
We consider all the sound and tone requests from guitar players before building a pedal. Controls and interface are also developed with the help and collaboration with the music pros.
Design is a very important part of our work. Not only the front artwork expresses the purpose of a stomp box but also it's tone character.
We avoid beating down the cost of production by using less reliable components as our ultimate goal is to create the top-quality musical equipment that will satisfy the most picky axemen. Many musicians from Russia and many other countries are using our unique and tone-rich pedals.

It's your turn now!

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